Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Last night I made the best peach oatmeal muffins and banana muffins and I realized that without all the wonderful blogs I read I wouldn't even know a peach oatmeal muffin recipe existed. So today, I'm thankful for all the great blogs I read!

First I want to thank all the ladies at Happy to be @ Home for inspiring me to try so many new dishes. I've tried pita bread, honey cookies, skillet corn and now the muffins...they were all simple to make and delicious! And if I'm talking about cooking then I'm can't forget The Pioneer Woman. Not only is she hilarious but that woman can cook! I've tried her recipe for bacon wrapped jalapenos (now they are my signature appetizer and I don't even like jalapenos!), chicken thighs with linguine and homemade ranch dressing.

In between all this cooking I've been playing the drugstore game with the help of The Centsible Sawyer, Money Saving Mom and Freebies 4 Mom. Those ladies keep me informed of all the bargains, freebies and deals to feed my shopping addiction without breaking the bank.

Whenever I need a laugh I can count on John Deere Mom, One Crazy Chick (although she sounds perfectly normal to me!), Insane Mama and many others to provide me with comical relief. Plus, they make my life look semi-normal...boring but almost normal. I love that they put it all out there and invite us into their lives, sharing the good, the bad and the disturbing-yet-funny things that happen.

So today I want to say thanks for everyone that takes the time to blog, no matter what the subject. If you want to give thanks this Gratituesday or just check another fabulous blog, visit Heavenly Homemakers and tell Laura I said hi!


Laura said...

Isn't it great to read great blogs out there?! I love having such a great online community! (How many times can I say great in one comment!?)

Kate said...

Oh Brandy, thank you so much for your kind words about our site! You're AWESOME!!!!

I'm so glad you liked the peach oatmeal muffins. They are a definite favorite of ours now. And just in case you have any leftovers, they freeze great too! (I only know this because I snuck two in the freezer when no one was looking!)

I am so thankful for this wonderful blogging community too!

MammaMia said...

MMMM now I have the munchies!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love blogging!