Friday, February 27, 2009

Making room...

My mind is full of jumbled thoughts right now and I cannot focus on one thing. I've been trying to decide for the last 40 minutes which topic I should blog about but since I cannot settle on one thing here's the mess in my mind right now.

*I've had a FaceBook account for a minute now (I'm HERE if you want to add me.) but just became active a couple weeks ago. I added a few IRL friends and a few bloggy pals, but didn't really look for any previous classmates as so many people do.

Well now they are starting to find me so here's my question(s)...

These are not people that I kept in touch with after school and I wouldn't consider us friends or even associates. By accepting them does that mean I'm obligated to speak to them if I happen to see them out? Do I have to pretend to be interested in their updates (cause I'm really not)? Should I even accept them?

*My Survivor guy got kicked off last night. Jerry had some stomach issues so they voted his ass off the island. Boo! (Sorry Brandy R!)

*The butt dialing commercial is one of my favorites.

I saw another one last night that I really liked but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was now. We were watching America's Best Dance Crew and I thought to myself, find that on You Tube. Now I have no idea what it was. Ugh.

*Speaking of ABDC, you MUST watch this performance. (It starts at the 55 second mark.)

*I'm down 7 pounds now, which is a freakin' miracle since some of my bad habits have creeped back in. I'm still drinking water everyday and I do well during the day but the weekends are when it all falls apart.

*Yesterday we had springlike weather but it's supposed to rain today and snow Sunday. Why does Mother Nature keep playing with me?? Even S is ready...check out his comment from the other day:

Blog about us going on vacation to a warm place with lots of adult beverages and half naked people, that's what I want to do. HE HE. Blog about how beautiful and amazing I think you are. Should get lucky for that one. I heart U.

*During ABDC last night S said he wanted me to get a shirt like this

Because he thinks I'm beautiful and amazing he doesn't realize it would need to be 10 sizes bigger, 20 inches longer and then I'd still have to lose at least 20 more pounds before attempting it. I love him for that.

*Why doesn't blogger recognize the word bloggy?

*Don't forget The Celebrity Apprentice comes on Sunday night! Note to self: set DVR so we can watch Big Love and then watch TCA after.

Phew! I feel better already. Now I've made room...maybe this time I can fill up with something substantial.

Yeah right.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just heard that a few accounts have been suspended for "suspect" activity so I'm removing the first part of my blog today. Sorry ladies!

I'm STILL all about showing some bloggy l♥ve though.

Speaking of L♥VE it's been a minute since I mentioned my favorite rock stars. This morning I was rocking out to A7X on the way to work and thought that I would share a little of them with you.

Here's one of their *ahem* more PG songs that I think you will enjoy. I'm off to do my Welcomista duties and share some clicks with ya'll!

And no bitchin' guys said to write anything I wanted. You've heard that saying be careful what you wish for right?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What The ________? Wednesday

I really, really like this post theme. It's so vague that it can be about anything. The last two times I've used it so that I could post weird pictures of first my Lil Sis and then me. But this time it's because I need your help.

As in What The ___ should I be blogging about? Seriously let me know what you want to read about. More about me and the fam, or about my political views or more crazy pictures. Would you rather see posts about the kids or recipe posts?

More shots of my unorganized house?
More posts about my CVS savings? No, wait you can find that here.
More about my reality tv addiction?
More about my sock collection?
More Life Lessons?
More guest bloggers?

I really, really need to know what you want to see more of. Some days I'm just blank as to what to blog about...not that I don't have things to say but sometimes it's best NOT to say them ya' know.

For example on Monday my post was only like 6 words. I could have elaborated but who really wants to hear how miserable I was? Okay so you're reading about that now. Whatev.

Come on guys...tell me, What The ____? should I be blogging about??

**See my new button over there. Yeah <------ over there on my sidebar. I'm supporting Click Fest and you should too. Go visit Dipaola Momma to find out the details and to grab your own button.**

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

In order to avoid my unwelcome "visitor" I went to sleep after dinner last night and I'm still a little groggy this morning so forgive me if this doesn't make any sense. As if I ever do.

On the way to work this morning I heard on the radio today is Fat Tuesday. Immediately I'm interested thinking it's a Weight Watcher's sponsored event that I need to participate in. Maybe like the million man march, but for us plump people.

Yes, plump. Don't judge.

Anyway I soon realized that I would not be walking next to my spandex bound sisters-in-weight-loss and that they were talking about THE Fat Tuesday in New Orleans.


I have never been to THE Mardi Gras but we have been to New Orleans pre-Katrina. Bourbon Street was crazy on a random weeknight so I cannot even imagine what Mardi Gras is like.

We spent some time there drinking hurricanes and gambling in the casino. We stayed in a nice, historic hotel across from one of Emeril's restaurant and rode in a limo to the port. We were there a couple days before our cruise ship left and enjoyed every dang minute of it.

But if you ask S, he will tell you to never order "the special".

One of those nights we were wandering around and came across a restaurant on one of the side streets. I cannot recall the name, but I know it was two story and the smells coming from their doors beckoned us to come inside.

Once seated the waiter described "the specials" and then left us to make a decision. When he returned he brought us a sample of "the special"...and we were sold. "Specials all around!" we replied.

Well, except for me since "the special" involved some sort of seafood and I loathe all types of seafood.

The food was served and the table fell silent. I ate my Florida-sized plate of pasta and the others devoured "the special". We all ate until we could barely breathe anymore. Then the waiter cleaned the table and brought our check.

S learned on that day that you have to ALWAYS ask how much "the special" costs or you may be at risk of a heart attack once you see the check.

And that is the story he tells when whenever we talk about our trip to New Orleans.

My story? Let's just say it involves some nudity.

And that's all you are getting from me.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hormones suck.

The End.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

And the winner is...

I listed all the names on a Exel sheet to make sure everyone got their extra entries for following or blogging. When it was all said and done there were 81 entries.

I put that in the magic number picker, aka

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:19
Timestamp: 2009-02-21 14:42:28 UTC

Number 19....


Thanks to everyone who entered!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friendly Friday...

I hereby declare this day to be Friendly Friday.

That means I will de-lurk and say HI! to as many bloggy friends as I can manage, starting with my blogroll, moving to my SITStas and so on.

I'd love to get some suggestions from you guys. So leave me a comment and tell me about one (or more) blogs that I simply MUST read. And I promise to stop by their place upon your recommendation.

*BTW if you haven't entered my GIVEAWAY sponsored by Eden Fantasy's then you should! It ends TONIGHT so don't miss out on your chance to win some sensual products!


If you want another chance to win something from Eden Fantasy's go see Life in the Fast Lane for another shot at winning. Her contest ends on February 24th so you'll have a couple extra days to enter too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bloggy Tips

As a member of SITS Welcomistas I have the honor of dropping by a lot of blogs that are new to SITS. It's great to meet new bloggers and leave them a comment or two just to welcome them to the SITS family.

A lot of them have returned the favor, which is fantastic because we all l♥ve comments. But I quickly realized that a few tips might be helpful to get them integrated into the blogging world.

1. I love, love, love to reply to comments via email. It's quick and easy plus sometimes we actually get a conversation going by email. Lula recently found out a little known fact about me just because I emailed to a reply.

I HATE when I try to reply and see "no-reply comment" in the address field. But it is easily fixed by doing these simple steps:

Go to your Dashboard. Then click "Edit Profile" right next to your picture. Under Edit User Profile click the box that says "Show My Email Address".

If you don't want your personal email available to everyone may I suggest setting up a free account with Google that is just for your blog.

2. This was recently pointed out by April but I'm going to repeat it. It's much easier to reply to more than one post if you have the Pop-Up window enabled for comments.

To do this go to Customize, then click the Settings tab. Once there click the Comments link. The third section down says "Comment Form Placement". Change it to Pop-Up Window.

3. Word Verification. Pretty much everyone dislikes this option, however instead of explaining it to you I'm going to direct you to the best tutorial ever made in the history of blogging in regards to this subject. Heather covered it all HERE best.

4. Last and most important, you will receive more comments simply by leaving comments. I try to reply to everyone who comments on my blog and often times I will visit your blog (especially if I don't recognize the name) to find out who you are be courteous.

I will say that when I start getting dozens of comments for a giveaway that I get pretty slack in this area, unless the comment is interesting or I can reply with email (See #1).

Preston wrote an awesome blog about showing common courtesy to other bloggers.

That about sums it up. If you follow these simple guidelines then you will make your blog a friendlier place to visit and comment.

And I'll be happy. Cause honestly isn't that what it's all about?

*BTW if you haven't entered my GIVEAWAY sponsored by Eden Fantasy's then you should! It ends tomorrow so don't miss out on your chance to win some sensual products!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the ________ ? Wednesday...again

You remember this from theme week right?

Yeah sure you do.

It was Denise's genius idea to do a theme week and since I lack the creative skill to come up with my own blog topics really like her, I jumped on board.

My very first What the ______? Wednesday featured my Lil Sis and all her crazy pictures.

To retaliate she posted some pictures of me on her abandoned blog. And since I'm a good sport -As if!- I'm going to share them with you...

Don't hate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A large dose...

No I'm not talking vitamins again. Although, I did get some good tips from yesterday's post. Once I finish these disgusting chewable logs that I purchased last week then I will definitely be on the lookout for the liquid vitamins.

Okay I guess I am talking vitamins. Sorta.

Anyway, I had a large dose of kids the last few days. This past Thursday I watched Beefy for my Lil Sis. Poor baby girl was sick, and fussy, and having a little bit of attachment anxiety. I finally got her to sleep and when she woke up from her nap she was back to her regular smiling self. Thank goodness.

Then on Friday I met Lil Sis and Beefy at BN #3's school to have lunch with him and go to his Vday party.

Lunch was eh...okay. We had hot ham & cheese, which wasn't bad. But on the side were black-eyed peas (ICK!) and pears (ICK!), although I gave my pears to BN#3 and he seemed to enjoy them as did Beefy.

Of course he insisted they were peaches but whatev.

Oh and we didn't have to sit in the little itty-bitty chairs this time so that was a relief bonus. Then the kids went back to their classroom and got their valentine treats - aka sugar bonanza. Cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, Little Debbie cakes, know the good stuff.

That night S went and got my granddaughter Lil J and we were off to the mall with the intention of getting her ear pierced. That was a negative since we aren't the legal guardians. And Lil J was not feeling it at all.

I don't know what was wrong but she cried until we got back to the car and she finally fell back asleep. For the next few hours she wasn't a happy baby, crying periodically and sleeping in between. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her so we just assumed she wasn't feeling well and took her home.

We got her again on Sunday and she was a little happier but still very fussy. What's strange is that SD says she was fine Friday night and when she went home on Sunday. Anyway I didn't snap any shots of her since she was being a lil Diva.

Here's some from the Vday party:

Even though I said I wasn't going to do a weekend recap, I kinda did huh?! Oh well, you forgive me right?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yeah so...

I'm not a very good Monday blogger. I don't prepare very well at all over the weekend, and I hate to do one of those "Here's what I did this weekend" type things. So instead I give you these random thoughts:

-I need to recommit to my new healthier lifestyle.

-Speaking of that I loathe vitamins. I bought some chewable ones so that I wouldn't accidentally strangle myself trying to swallow one of those logs they disguise as multi-vitamins. They are not much smaller.

-You should send Kori's husband a card to lift his spirits. I am.

-Cold Stone Creamery's coffee ice cream rocks. Especially when you add toffee chips, almonds and caramel.

-I need to recommit to my new healthier lifestyle.

-My guy from Survivor made it through the first week.

-The cleaning bug hit me Saturday morning. It only lasted a few hours.

-My new darts rock. S got me a new set with green flights and matching green tips. I heart them and cannot wait till Thursday to try them out. Too bad it's our last game of this season.

-I'm making millionaires. One penny at a time by clicking ads.

-Cake + pudding + crushed oreos + cool whip = Awesome dessert.

-I need to recommit to my new healthier lifestyle.

-Is there an "Facebook for dummies" class I can take?

-You should enter my giveaway.

-The only exercise I got today was making dinner. Does that count?

-I need to recommit to my new healthier lifestyle.

-Flights of the Conchord is strange. But still fascinating. This show comes on after Big Love and since I'm too lazy to change the channel I've watched it for the last 2 weeks. Very strange. With music. I think it's the accents that keep me watching.

-I'm so ready for warm weather.

-I should be going to bed instead of blogging.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Holiday of Love...and a gift from me to you

S said it earlier in the week that Valentine's Day with me is 365 days a year. While yes, he was just sucking up so that he could play football Saturday morning, it still melted my heart. And maybe heated up some other parts - can you say Honeymoon Night part deux?

So knowing that V-day is everyday in my household-yeah right!- I need to do a little something to spice things up this Saturday. I've found the perfect place to help me do that. Eden Fantasy's specializes in sensual products.

Intimate gifts if you will.

I guarantee there is something there for everyone. If you are flying solo, or just want a romantic massage - these sensual products got you covered. If you'd like a bit more kink, well they've got that covered too but remember I try to keep things PG-13 around these parts.

The Giveaway

Eden Fantasy's has kindly offered to send one of my readers something from their site. So as a gift from me to you this V-day, I'm giving away this Lovers Tool Kit.

It includes oil, massage cream and more.

How can you win?


For ONE entry, leave me a comment sharing your most romantic moment. For TWO additional entries, follow me and let me know you did in another comment. (Those who already follow me will automatically get this extra entry.) For THREE extra entries blog about it, and leave me a comment with your link. See the fine print for more details.



The fine print:

-Leave me a comment sharing your most romantic moment = ONE entry (This is required!)
-Follow me and let me know in a separate comment = TWO additional entries
-Blog about the contest and share your link in a comment = THREE additional entries
*You can receive a total of SIX entries by doing all three*
-Any entries that do not contain contact information will be deleted so be sure to leave your email and/or blog address.
-Giveaway will end on February 20th at Midnight EST.
-The winner will be drawn using the random number generator at from the eligible entries received.
-Winner will be announced on February 21st and they have 48 hours to contact me by email or another name will be chosen.

(All the links in this post are directed to the Eden Fantasy's Lover's Tool Kit ONLY, although I recommend you take a look around. You never know what goodies you might find!)

If you want another chance to win something from Eden Fantasy's go see Life in the Fast Lane for another shot at winning. Her contest ends on February 24th so you'll have a couple extra days to enter too.

Easy as...cake?

When Mama Kat asked for a favorite recipe it was really hard to narrow it down to just one. Ya'll know I heart food. But after a lot of consideration I decided on dessert.

This cake is so worth all the effort you put into it. It's worth all the time you'll spend making it. It's worth every calorie when you finally get to eat it.


First take any cake mix. I heart chocolate so that's what I used, but any ole' cake mix will do. You see how hard this is? Decisions, decisions.

Then take any soda, even diet soda, especially diet soda, and mix 12 ounces into the cake mix.

Ta-da! You're done!

Well...not really since you will need to bake it. Or not. I can testify that the batter is pretty tasty.

If you decide to bake it, then heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 35-40 minutes for cupcakes. Maybe a little longer if you are actually making a cake.

Make sure to let it cool completely before trying to eat it, otherwise it will fall apart. Or so I heard.

Easy peasy, chicken greasy. You got cake!

Home Ec wasn't the only class in session this week - go HERE to see what other homework was turned in this week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the tribe has spoken...

Sure I've mentioned once or twice a dozen times that I'm a reality show addict. I even did this post citing on the lessons I've learned by watching these shows.

But my group of friends and I have taken reality TV to a whole different level. Not only do we watch, and guess who's going home or going to win, but we bet money on it.

We started doing this a million seasons ago with Survivor and now we do it with Big Brother too. Each player gets a Survivor (or BB) name for $10. All the money goes into a pool and if your Survivor wins then you get all the money. It's winner take all...and it definitely makes the show more interesting.

Last night we drew names and I got Jerry.

He's 49, from Rock Hill SC, and a Sgt. in the US Army. This means he looks good on paper (or online as that's where I found the info) but as I've come to realize you can never tell who's going to win.

Past winners included 10 men, 7 women, ranging in age from 22 to 58 so you can't automatically count out anyone since they all have the same shot at winning. Except I really think Jerry is going to pull it out this year...

...that's why I'm already shopping for my summer sandals that Survivor is going to make possible.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Stuff

This weekend we had the privilege of going to an All District concert to watch my SS perform. He auditioned in December and made 1st Chair Symphonic Band, which is as good as you can get. (Our school had 5 students that performed but SS was the only one that made 1st Chair! They will all be featured in tomorrow's paper. BTW, he's the one at the end and his bff is in the middle.)

This is the fourth year in a row that's he has made All District, starting at 4th Chair Concert Band and then moving his way up a little each year. Of course we were very proud of him and excited for him because now he will get the opportunity to audition for All State.

SS plays the baritone for concert/symphonic band, the trombone for jazz band and the sousaphone in marching band. Even though I insist on singing at the top of my lungs in the car, he didn't get his musical gifts from me. Shocking I know.

Actually I can't figure out which family member he may have gotten this from but I'm glad he's got it because he's made it his own thing.

In other good news, I checked my email this morning only to find out that I had won TWO different contests! Un-be-lieve-able.

First one I got was from the infamous Bakerella saying that I won a Bake L♥ve tee and a year subscription to Taste of Home. If you haven't visited her site you must, you must, you must. Her goodies are to die for...but so cute you don't know if it's edible.

Plus now she's got my crazy profile picture up as the winner so that's reason enough to visit.

Then I got one from Tricia @ Once A Month Mom telling me I won a certificate for a free mini-dessert at Carrabba's. Mmmmmmmm I heart Carrabba's. And desserts. And Once A Month Mom for giving me free dessert.

And my sweetie left this comment about yesterday's post:

"Hey if we do Valentines day nite why cant I play a football tournment early games be home by 3 pm and ready to go by 4 pm. We have valentines day everyday. You are the most perfect gal for me. I dont need one day I have 365 days of you."

~heart melting~

So tell me what GOOD STUFF has happened to you recently.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Uninspired Monday Meme

Tattooed Minivan Mom had this genius idea to do our own memes today. I think it is a brilliant idea because I'm a loser and didn't come up with any blog fodder for today. Now I can post something to keep the masses (okay all 4 of you) coming back.

Their are a few simples rules involved in playing with TMM - she likes things easy, and that's all I'm going to say on that subject. First I'm answering my own meme and linking to it on her page. Her bff Mr. Linky is there with everyone that is participating. If you want to use any of the memes that are linked up, make sure you use their title AND link back to them. Easy peasy, chicken greasy right?!

Let the games begin!

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Definitely a night owl. I hate getting up early and most I'm notorious for hitting the snooze button several times. In fact I purposely set my clock forward 20 minutes so that I can hit the snooze button.

2. Do you have any food hangups?

Lots. I hate seafood - all seafood - except I will eat LJS fish. I hate raw onions but would eat grilled onions everyday. I like some foods crisp, especially fries and others maybe even a little charred like hot dogs.

3. Who was your favorite singer when you were 13?

Since this is my meme, I'm going to cheat and list a group - NSYNC I meant to say NKOTB, as in New Kids On The Block but I'm a dork and got it mixed up. My Lil Sis called and told me I was stupid. OMG they were the shit back then. My favorite was Donnie cause he was the bad boy of the group. As if you could be in a boy band and also be bad. I'm so glad I didn't know that back then or it would have totally ruined the fantasy for me.

4. Do you remove your makeup every night? Better yet do you wear makeup?

I never leave my house without makeup. Sad but true. And even sadder is that I do not remove my makeup before bed. Sometimes, but most times it seems like a hassle so I just don't do it. It's pure laziness.

5. When was the last time you cried and why?

I think it was when I was watching the news a week ago and totally PMS'ing. A beauty salon had burned down in a town about 45 minutes away and I just felt so bad for these ladies on TV. Since then I have teared up watching various TV shows (Friday Night Lights) and movies. Before the news incident I cried when I heard "Fancy" by Reba McEntire on the radio.

6. What are your Valentine's day plans?

We don't have any official plans. In fact S thinks he is playing in a football tournament on Saturday cause "the games will be early". Notice I said he thinks. We'll probably do dinner and maybe have a repeat of Honeymoon night.

7. What are you most looking forward to this month?

I'm hoping for warmer weather, pedicures and sandals. But I heard that danged rodent saw his shadow so I don't know if it will be warm enough for sandals this month. Even if it's not I still want a pedicure like whoa.

8. What's your favorite reality TV show?

If you were here during theme week, you know I love a bunch of them so it's hard to choose. I think I'm going to have to ghetto with this answer and say the new season of I Love Money. You know on VH1. Oh, I'm the only one that watches that? Hmph.

9. When was the last time you were called beautiful?

Last night. Yesterday. Night before. Friday. Thursday. You get the picture. My hubs tells me all the time that I'm beautiful, pretty, hot...whatever springs to mind I guess. What I really love is when he says it and I'm in my pajamas, with yesterday's make up on and I haven't even brushed my hair.

10. Finally, how hard was it to come up with these answers?

In my case it was hard to come up with the questions...because I would write one and then think..."wait I have to answer that!" then I would backspace it all and start again.

So if you play along and use my meme make sure you use my title AND link to me AND let me know you did so that I can come read your answers. Don't forget to visit TMM for even more memes...for those uninspired Mondays that you might have.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Honeymoon Night

At least that's what S keeps calling tonight.

I think he's a wee bit excited that SS is participating in a school function that will require him to be gone overnight. Cause we are never "teenager-less" in our house. At least not overnight.

SS often goes to his friends house on the weekends but he never stays because he works on Saturday and Sunday mornings. And the last time he was gone overnight because of school, S was with him at band camp.

I don't know what S is expecting but by calling it Honeymoon Night it is a clear indication that he is expecting something. Just google Honeymoon night and check out the images - I'm sure these are some of the same things he's thinking of, but I'm all about keeping it PG-13 around here so I'll let you do your own search.

Yeah. Right.

What would you do on a child free night? More importantly do you get child free nights? Remember I'm trying to keep my PG-13 rating.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

TV...A Constitutional Right?

So in all honesty they aren't seeking to add it to the Constitution but still what the hell is wrong with Congress?! First it was THEIR idea to have everything changed to digital and the initial deadline was set by them - February 17, 2009. Second, when the decision was made they provided a THREE YEAR time frame to get everything transitioned.

Now they have moved the date back. Now that all the TV stations have spent the time and money to upgrade. Now that those costs have been passed onto us - And you know it has. Now that millions of consumers have upgraded their televisions, added cable or satellite, or purchased their converter box.

NOW they changed the date to June 12, 2009.

This really ticks me off because of all the reasons why I listed above, but more than that. These buffoons in Congress are just plain crazy. With everything going on in our country (and beyond, because let's not forget we are still at war) they are concerned about whether every American will be able to watch TV?!

Are they serious?

I don't remember anyone saying to me that I have the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness AND clear digital TV. Is it in the wording somewhere with right to bear arms and free speech? Cause maybe I missed that part.

Well I hope the thousands of people that are unemployed, or homeless, or barely scraping by get their priorities in line with Congress. Forget about unpaid mortgages or rising utility costs. Forget about gas prices or grocery recalls. Forget about health care.

Focus on what really matters - The Digital Television Switch.

*End rant.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

...Not Going Softly...

It started with one or two and then much like Gremlins when they are wet, they multiplied. For some mysterious reason they took up residence right in the front of my hair. It's pretty obvious (to me at least) whenever I pull my hair back that I have gray hair.

I have colored my hair every few months just to cover the gray, choosing to use a semi-permanent color close to my natural shade because I wasn't trying to rock the boat, just get rid of the Gray Gremlins.

The combination of the GG's, the fact that I will be 33 next month (THIRTY THREE people...I was just 24 yesterday right?!?!) and the winter blahs compelled me to take a more aggressive approach to these pesky intruders.

Let me demonstrate. I started with this:

Do you see it? The gray streak right in front?

Well I decided to fight fire with fire. I laughed in their face when I did this.

I took those ugly, aging grays and made them lighter, blonder with a bit more edge.

I might have to grow old but I don't have to go softly.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Dare You To Call This Wimpy

It's official. Mother Nature has gone crazy. Yesterday I only worked half a day and when I left the house it was a warm, beautiful 60 degrees outside. If you follow me - Do you follow me? - then you saw my updates yesterday about what a gorgeous day it was.

Then it all went to hell in a hand basket.

1 PM = Bright, sunny, 60 degrees
4 PM = Cloudy, breezy, 46 degrees
6 PM = Dark, raining, 38 degrees
6:30 PM = Snowing, 31 degrees

It went from beautiful spring-like weather to snow within a matter of hours. By the time we got home our front yard was covered.

In true blogger fashion here are the pictures...

...Proving that Mother Nature has mood swings just like the rest of us ladies.

Or maybe I'm the only one that cries about a beauty shop burning down that is 45 minutes away just because I feel bad for the owner. Not because I've ever been there or know them personally. Cause I haven't and I don't.

~sigh~ Aren't hormones great?