Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New to Me Recipes - Pitas

I read, live, love recipes and among the ones that intrigued me I found pita bread on Kate's blog, A Simple Walk. She has this Pita Bread recipe linked there that sounded pretty easy and they looked even better than the store bought kind so I added it to my weekly menu, planning to have pita sandwiches and pita pizzas later in the week.

Since it rained Monday night I went ahead and made two batches. They were extremely simple to put together and quick to rise. I thought the baking process was a little long for me (about 7 minutes for every 4) but I didn't want to risk using a pan on the bottom shelf or going too quickly since it was my first try. Plus I made a double batch because I already had everything pulled out and that way I only have to destroy clean my kitchen once.

Rolled out before baking:

Some were puffed more than others:

I made my pitas with 2 cups all purpose flour and one cup whole time I might try 2 cups whole wheat instead. A few of them got a little more crispy than I hoped, but I will use those as the crust in my pita pizzas. Now I just got to find out how they freeze since I made so many!

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