Thursday, July 10, 2008

CVS Deals - June 6-12

After all the trouble I had last time at CVS, I thought it was best to take a break. But I couldn't control my addiction pass by when I needed a card for my friend's birthday. During this visit I spent $2.59 for a card, .99 for CVS panty liners (earning .99 ECB), $2.99 for CVS wipes (earning $1 ECB) and 4 packs of clearance candies for .50/each. This gave me $1.99 in ECB to start me all over again. It had not been enough time for the $5 ECB from the swiffer deal (explained here)to print on my receipt BUT I did get a $4/20 CRT.

So on Sunday I got my paper out, gathered my coupons and made a CVS shopping list in order to take advantage of the $4/20 CRT.

I got:

2 Febreeze aerosols - 2.50/each ($10 ECB)
2 Febreeze sprays - 5.99/each
2 Dawn Dish Detergents - 1/each ($1 ECB)
1 Scott TP - 6.49

I used:

$4/20 CRT
2 $1 off Dawn Detergent
1 $5.99 BOGOF Febreeze coupon (I tried to use two since it was buy one Spray get one Aersol free but the clerk rang the first coupon wrong and then couldn't figure out how to fix it. Since it was only .99 more than it should have been, she left it.)
1 $1 off Febreeze product

I spent $7.17 on my debit card and used $1.99 EBC's

I earned $6 in ECB's + my $5 ECB for the swiffer that finally printed for a total of $11 ECB's + another $4/20 CRT


On Tuesday I had to go to the DMV in the city before heading to work so I ran by CVS on the way there and did these two transactions:

Transaction #1

1 Gillette Body Wash - $3.99
3 Olay Body Wash - $5.99
1 CVS Cotton Balls - $1.69


1-$4/20 CRT
3-$2 off Olay Ribbons Body Wash
1-$1 off Gillette Body Wash
1-$2 off CVS Beauty Product

I spent $1.03 on my debit card and used $10 ECB's

Earned $11 ECB + ANOTHER $4/20 CRT

Since I got another $4/20 CRT I went ahead and did the 2nd transaction while I was there.

Transaction #2

2 Dawn Dish Detergents - $1/each
2 Pert Plus Shampoos - $2.50/each
1 Crest Whitestrips - $19.99


1 $4/20
2 $1 off Dawn
1 $2 off Pert
1 $3 off Pert
1 $7 off Whitestrips

I spent $10.14 and I did not use any ECB's choosing to save the $10 I had just earned.

Earned $1 ECB

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