Saturday, July 12, 2008

CVS Deals - June 6-12 Part Two

I woke up Friday morning to find a bunch of emailed coupons from CVS, including $5 off $30 and $4 off Playskool Diapers. I didn't think much about it since I still had a $4/20 CRT so I didn't bother printing anything. Then I went out to pick up breakfast for work and ran by the CVS near Hardees intending on only picking up an iTunes gift card for my friends son. (This is where the brainstorming started!)

I grabbed a $15 gc and it dawned on me that I could easily use the $4/20 CRT by picking up the Playtex tampons. So I grabbed those, used a $1 coupon for them and walked out with free tampons, an iTunes card and $3 additional extra card bucks PLUS another $4/20 CRT. (I didn't use any because I had already budgeted the money for the iTunes card.)

While I was there I priced the diapers...low and behold they were on sale 2/$19.99. I didn't have my email coupons with me so I didn't get them while I was there, but I had plans to go into town for dinner and knew I would be making a pit stop.

Here's what I got:

2 - Mega packs of Playskool Diapers - $19.99
2 - Buddies soap bars - $.99/each
1 - CVS cotton balls - $1.69

I used:

1 - $4/20 coupon
2 - $4 off Playskool diapers
1 - $2 off 2 Johnson & Johnson products (adjusted to $1.98)
1 - $2 off CVS beauty product

I spent $2.91 on my debit card and $5 ECB's

I didn't earn any new ECB's but what a great deal! These and the Huggies from the previous week will be a gift for my SD since I will be a grandmother in October.

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