Saturday, July 26, 2008

CVS, Walmart, Krogers

Rather than write a separate post about each of these I will just summarize my extraordinary savings this week in one place. Starting with...


Transaction #1 (through 10 - LOL!)

I got all of this for free using $2 off CVS skincare q's plus I made 5 ECB's since I "spent" more than $15 in CVS Baby products. It took several transactions to make this happen, but I did it while I was already out running errands for work, so it didn't cost me anything in gas (I use a company vehicle) and they were all simple and short visits.

Transaction #2

2- Maxwell Coffee - 4.99/BOGOF
2- ALL detergent - 6.49/BOGOF
3- CVS Spices - .88/each
1- True North nuts - 2.50
2- Trident - 1.49/BOGOF
1- CVS Baby Powder (pictured under transaction #1)

1- 4/20 coupon
1- 2/10 CVS product coupon
1- 2 off CVS Skincare
1- .75 off Trident
2- 1.00 off ALL small & mighty
1- 1.00 off True North nuts
1- .75 off Maxwell House

Total = $7.91 (Used 7 ECB's + .91 OOP) Earned 1 ECB (from Trident)


I'm not going to list everything out but my total went from $113 (w/ tax) to $38 (w/ tax). The cashier was extremely impressed and a manager had to approve my transaction before I could check out because I used so many coupons.

Some of the best bargains were the Huggies Clean Team wipes. They are $1.64 so with a $3/2 q they were only .14 each! 4 boxes of South Beach drink packets for free and the Scrubbing Bubbles Starter kit for $2.17 AND I sent in the mail in rebate so I will make $2.75 on this! I also got a few free sample size items like Head & Shoulders, single use Well Patches, Schick disposable razors and Aquafresh toothpaste. There were a few items I didn't have q's for so I was pretty happy with everything I got and the savings were unbelievable!


Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of what I got at Kroger today but I saved a ton because of their Mega Sale Event and lots of coupons! Overall savings with Kroger plus card, coupons and $16 in Catalina's from the Planters peanuts was over $88! I only spent $41 for over $129 worth of groceries! Here are the highlights:

Franks hot sauce = free! (mega sale item + .50 q doubled)
Betty Crocker mini's = .50 (mega sale item + .50 q doubled)
Betty Crocker frosting = 1.00 (mega sale item)
Sargento cheese = 1.00 (mega sale item + 1.00 q)
Edwards pie = .75 (mega sale item + .75 q)
Mini carrots = 1.00
Watermelon = .99 (used $3 off coupon wyb Ball Parks)
Ball Park Franks = 2/$3 (mega sale item + $1.00 q)
Bread = .50 (markdown)
Hoagie Rolls = 1.00 (markdown)

Plus, I got some killer coupons in the mail yesterday that were sent to the employees (my SS works there). I didn't use them today but I 20 oz coke, free flowers, free yogurt, $2 off any shampoo, $2 off any toothpaste, etc. You can see how valuable they will be since they are store coupons AND not brand specific.

Thanks to Money Saving Mom, The Centsible Sawyer and Amy's Life for posting the information about these sales and how to make the most of them!


Lisa said...

You did a great job! Way to Save!!!

Cents To Save

Lula! said...

This is amazing...
And since I only have a Walmart (which I despise), I will not be cashing in on these good deals. Darnit.

Love your blog, by the way!