Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's talk...

Let's talk TV shall we?

I'm a reality tv fanatic...we watch an assortment of these shows on TV. Some I've grown tired of because they are just too stupid to waste my time on, like I Love NY, A Shot With Tila (or whatever) and that damned Flavor Flav. I mean do they advertise for the most ghetto people on the planet to audition for the show. And I say audition because I know these shows are all for... well, show.

Some of my favorites are Big Brother (new season just started!), Survivor (although I was a bit bored with the last season) and I hate to admit it but The Real World. Those MTV producers know their stuff. And because I'm a self pronounced foodie I watch Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen (more for the yelling than the food). I can't forget the Bravo shows The Real Housewives of Orange County and their counterparts in New York. Pretty much I will watch any of them if I'm bored enough, but who can blame me?!

I'm asking, WHERE ARE THE QUALITY SHOWS? No wait, that's asking a lot and I don't need a lot to be entertained. I have to admit a certain weakness for "bad" shows like Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Dirt and Rescue Me. These are NOT child friendly shows with wicked topics and naughty parts. A couple other favorites are Burn Notice, Gossip Girl and The Life of American Teenager (I gotta get my "teen, 90210" know you watched 90210!!)

Speaking of 90210, have you heard the news? Not only is NKOTB touring together again BUT several of the original cast members of 90210 are reincarnating their roles on the New 90210. Me...I can't wait!

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