Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Plan - 7/7-7/13/08

Obviously I have been a blogging slacker the last few days. We spent some quality time with our friends this weekend and it was great! They left this morning so we are back to the normal 3 and I'm adjusting to menu accordingly.

Also, it's supposed to be a gorgeous week around these parts so I will be taking advantage, working outside and the in the garage some more...this means the menu will be easy and simple to allow me maximum out-of-the-house time.

Monday: Breakfast for dinner - Eggs, Ham, leftover biscuits

Tuesday: Kielbasa & Perogies (frozen) grilled with onions, served with sour cream, salad

Wednesday: Marinated chicken breasts (frozen), brown rice, vegetable (not sure what's left in the freezer)

Thursday: Pita Pockets w/ turkey and cheese, carrot & celery sticks

Friday: Pita pizzas (using the leftover pitas & I think I will use the grill instead of cutting on the oven)

Saturday: TBD - not sure of our plans so it might end up being take out, if not then definitely grilling something

Sunday: Taco Chicken (using the crockpot), spanish rice

As you can see I am not cutting on the oven too much this week. I may even make a few other baked goodies when I cook the pitas just so I can justify cutting it on at all.

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Veggie Mom said...

I just LOVE organizing the family meals in advance. Yours sound so yummy--mind if I stop by? BTW, I'm hosting another Pop'rs Giveaway, startingn tomorrow. Two times might be a charm! I'd love it to pieces if you dropped by!!