Friday, November 19, 2010

Have you ever wondered...? Ke$sha got a recording contract? Her lyrics are awful and the auto tone is apparent.

...why people slow down once they see a police officer or state trooper on the interstate? If you can see them it's too late dumb-dumb.

...if Elvis/Tupac/Michael Jackson are really dead? They sure make good tunes in their afterlife.

...what Tony Parker was thinking when he cheated on Eva Longoria? Dude, she's hot.

...if they will just ban fat people from McDonald's? It's all downhill after the Happy Meal toy law.

...why anyone would get a tattoo on their face? Two words: Mike Tyson. The Event has not been cancelled yet? That show blows.

...when Lindsay Lohan's dad will shut the eff up? No worries he'll hold a press conference to let you know.

...what you're having for Thanksgiving dinner? Oh wait, that's just me...I want to know your plans. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cell Transportation

Sometimes I get funny looks when I pull out my...cell.

You see I've tried just about everything to transport my communication gizmo and nothing really appeals to me. Cases are too big & bulky. Keeping it in my purse is not an option. Fuggedaboutit. I'd never find it again.

I have resorted to carrying in my bra.

As long as I don't have on a t-shirt then it's easily accessible to me. I always know where it is and I can feel it vibrate.* While I can understand some of the weird looks it brings I haven't found a viable alternative yet.

Maybe ya'll could save me an awkward situation or two - where or how do you carry your phone?

Hey at least I'm not doing this:

*The vibrating has nothing to do with it's placement (pervs!)...I simply don't like loud annoying ringtones.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Have You Seen This Girl?

Sometimes I joke about being crazy. Everyone must seem that way at one time or another right?! But the last two days has proved I'm as cracked as Humpty Dumpty.

Cracked. Crazy. Cuckoo. Insane. Mad. Touched.

Emotionally I've been a complete mess. A blubbering, teary mess. Over nothing. In the last 48 hours tears have sprung forward about all kinds of trivial shit. Things that normally wouldn't get a second thought have turned me all kinds of melancholy.

I'm not that girl. I'm NOT.

Or at least I wasn't. ~sigh~

How do I find ME again? That's the question...