Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twilight, Vampires & A7X

Have you heard of it?

Yeah me either. But apparently it's created quite the phenomenon. After reading about it on Lulaville I had to google to find out what it was all about. Holy crap! It's about vampires. And a love story. Apparently there is even a movie in the making.

What rock have I been under? I love me some vampires. Seriously. I stayed up the other night till 3 in order to watch Interview with a Vampire, one of my all time favorite movies.

And I have my very own set of vampire fangs. See.

Told ya'.

That picture is untouched but I prefer this edited one.

My friend and I bought them to wear to the Taste of Chaos concert in March, where I got to see my lover man M. Shadows (and all the hotties from Avenged Sevenfold,except for The Rev~he is just plain odd looking) whose birthday just happens to be tomorrow.

Wait...I'm losing focus...

Anyway, back to the book...I will be a proud owner on Friday thanks to and my free $10 credit there. I tried looking at our local library but every copy is checked out so it's obvious I'm the last know about this Twilight thing.

Okay one more in honor of his birthday...

I realize you might not get it but I'm a total groupie. I can admit it.


Pj.steph said...

I'm very surprised that you haven't heard of the Twilight series until now. When I first heard about the books, I was like,"No thanks, I don't do vampires." But my best friend who has never read a book in her life couldn't put it down. That's when I thought it must be something good or she wouldn't have gotten past page two. I absolutely love these books and just read them for the second time through a few weeks ago. I totally suggest you check them out. The Host which is also by Stephenie Meyers is really good as well. She is an excellent writer. Let me know what you think! Nice fangs BTW. :)

devilish southern belle said...

I think you're my new girl crush! Your fangs are hot, I *LOVE* A7X, and, until recently, I didn't know anything in the world about the Twilight Series. Now? Can't wait to start reading them. I think they're the new Harry Potter in terms of children's/young adult books which are wildly successful among the adult population as well.

Anonymous said...

The Rev Is The Sexxiest Out Of All Of Them

ShifTeR4Synyster said...

A7X is da best band in da world!
but Synyster Gates is definately da sexiest... c'mon lead guitarist and a face like that! too bad he's got a girlfriend :( (synyster's real name is brian elwin haner jr. and he's the son of guitar guy out of achmed the dead terrorist)
BTW the rev is freaky lookin, but i still like him :)
the only one i don't really like is johnny christ- he's too quiet and i have a thing with bass players...