Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow, we had a busy weekend! I planned on posting about my Saturday CVS trip and the ham casserole I made last week but it just didn't happen.

We shopped all day I know the meaning of shop til you drop! But I got some awesome deals! It all started at IHOP (I used a BOGOF coupon to pay for me & my friends daughter), then we went to Starbucks, Verizon Wireless, Sears (2 pairs of shoes for $15, 75% off a full size quilt comforter set & king size blanket), Bath & Body Works (75% off lotion and wallflowers + 2 free lip glosses w/ purchase), JC Penney (fixed my watch band for FREE), Victoria's Secret (75% off eyeshadow) and we went to Old Navy to take advantage of the $1 flip flops but they only had black and brown by the time we got there. On the way out of the mall I used my free pretzel coupons and picked up one for me and one for my friend. Then we went to Toys R Us to use the free Thomas the Train coupon but they had a sign on the door that said it was invalid. Disappointed, we still looked around but didn't find any great bargains. Last we went to Sam's and then to Shoe Carnival. There I got a pair of Reeboks for only $18 that fit S perfectly and I got THE cutest pair of Mudd mules and a pair of red mary janes for 50% off.

I will have to do a post soon about my obsession love of shoes.

After unloading our haul we grilled steaks, potatoes and corn for dinner. It was they used the leftovers to make steak and eggs for breakfast on Sunday because they love me. (Okay, they were really hungry and tired of waiting on me to do it, but they do really love me too.)

I'm really going to miss my friends being there. It is hetic sometimes having a bunch of people in the house but it's also nice to have them around. SS always has someone to hang out with and so do I. Plus I almost feel like we are having some quality time together before they move because I know with both of us being involved with Marching Bands it will be hard to get together once school starts. ~sigh~

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