Monday, June 9, 2008

The mailman's coming!

And I know because they beep the horn. No really. Whenever we have an express package they pull in the driveway and beep the horn. For me to come out and retrieve my package, because apparently $16.50 does not cover door delivery. So today I hear the horn and run to the front door but I don't see anyone. Confused I walk back to my desk but then I hear knocking on the door...she's at the back door. She says "someone" told her it was easier to get us by going around back. Duh!

The ONLY reason she even attempted to deliver this time is because I complained last week about the delivery of my express packages. Seriously, for $16.50 you should get your behind out of the car and at least knock on our door, not just leave a "sorry we missed you" note in my mailbox when you didn't do anything but open the mailbox. Maybe their notices should have fill in the blank reasons and then she could at least be honest, "sorry I was too lazy to get out and do my job, now please drive 20 miles out of the way to the post office only to find out that we are suspiciously closed from 1-2 PM" since thats what happened to me on Friday.


anajz said...

Hi, I am new to your blog--LOVE the design by the way...oh and the title too..but I just have to comment on this post.

Since moving to our area, I guess I gave up the convenience of having home postal delivery. No one asked is just the way it is. When I lived in the country, I had to drive 5 miles one way to pick up my mail at my roadside mailbox. If we had a express mail, I had to drive 11 miles to the post office or agree to meet the mailman at our box. When our local post office closed, we then had to drive 18 miles, again one way, to the post office...yet we paid the same for postage as everyone
When we moved into town, I thought...yipppeee, mail delivery...wrong! Luckily, the post office is within walking distance, but darned if I don't show up during their lunch time every single time I walk down there!
Thanks for sharing the story and for giving me a much needed chuckle this afternoon.


hotmomma said...

HaHa, too funny! I just started reading your blog, love it by the way. This happened to me for a couple of months(we just moved here) I called and complained because not only was it bad service, we were getting things that had been opened and destroyed. They were not marked by the post office, which meant they got damaged from the post office to my house. I called and complained, and go figure, so have alot of others. Well we have a new postman-well, woman, and she is awesome! It is amazing what some complaints can do sometimes, sure wish it would work with!