Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday Shopping (Walmart & Kroger)

So yesterday I started my shopping day at the local Farmer's market, which to be honest lacks a lot of variety but I did pick up some fresh chives and some focaccia bread that smells heavenly. I'm using the chives for this ranch dressing recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman.
After a very long and hot morning at our car wash fundraising event, I went to Walmart all pumped up with my coupons and to be completely honest, I've been so excited to go and use my Cascadian Farms coupons that it never occurred me that my Walmart didn't carry this brand. They don't. And then I found they don't carry the chocolate cluster Honey Bunches of Oats. I almost cried in the middle of the aisle. I had already envisioned myself being the envy of every shopper in my line and the thorn in my cashiers side, but alas I had to make do with a few other goodies instead.
free Kraft dressing coupon
$1 off Kotex item for free liners
$1 off Frizz-ease for a free travel size mousse
$3 off Live Active cereal making it free
Free cat treats coupon

Along with several other coupons I brought my total from $52.07 to $31. I was still happy and the lady behind me was still envious and the cashier...well, she was a very nice older lady who didn't care at all that I had a stack of coupons.

Then I went to Krogers and saved over $57 between my plus card and coupons. I also get an employee discount because my ss (stepson) works there and this month it is 15% off any Kroger brand item instead of the normal 10%. My best deals were 4 cases of Kroger water for $2.99 each (minus 15%), a dozen eggs for $1 (minus 15%), free Meow Mix, free liter of Aquafina water and 2 16 oz bags of Kraft cheese for $4. In total I spent $115 and I have enough groceries to last for at least two weeks (probably more considering everything that's going on during that time frame) and I should only have to buy lettuce and milk.

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