Monday, June 16, 2008

Menu Plan 6/16-6/22

We are headed to Buffalo on Wednesday so I only have two days to worry with this week:

Monday: Breakfast for dinner - Eggs, Bacon, Homefries & Toast

Tuesday: Chicken breasts (frozen & marinated in italian dressing), brown rice and green beans

Wednesday-Sunday: Vacation!

SS and I are going to see Wicked on Broadway and S is going to the horse races with our hosts.

I did really well with last week's menu! The only day that changed was Saturday; our friends were nice enough to invite us over for dinner (lots of leftovers from the graduation party!) so I took Beefy and Bratty Nephew #3 to visit and swim. I made the Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos and Skillet Corn for Father's Day and they both turned out awesome! I will post a couple of pictures later with my run down on the whole thing.

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Kelly said...

We love Breakfast for Dinner nights! have a great vacation. :)

uwood said...

Kelly me too! Most mornings I just grab something quick so it's a treat to get a "real" breakfast, even if it's for dinner.

Thanks for stopping by!


Happy to be at Home said...

I think super Walmart carries gluten in the same aisle as flour. If not you could try a health food store.
Sometimes it is called Vital Wheat Gluten, that may help you find it too.
for the 3 Moms...