Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. A few months ago I used to actually dread getting up for work and not just for that reason. I worked for a local business that provides phone service for the east coast and while I was glad to have a job that provided for me and my family, it wasn't a pleasant environment. We had absurd rules that was my job to enforce, even if I didn't agree.

After 5 years, I was offered a position at another company. Since March I've been a much more relaxed person and I actually enjoy coming to work. Not only is the work less stressful, but I'm making the same salary as before with many more perks.

Plus I love the drive to work. Instead of traveling by interstate, I use the Blue Ridge parkway and the scenery is breathtaking some mornings. I never grow tired of seeing bunnies, deer, turtles, turkeys, baby ducks on the way to work.

This Gratituesday, I'm grateful not only to be employed but to work somewhere with integrity. I'm grateful that it provides for my family and makes me happy.

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