Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Post

First post...what pressure. I've never seen the "first post" of any other blog so I don't know what is expected. I'll start with the name...not your average soccer mom...kinda of misleading since I'm not a soccer mom at all...or a mom for that matter. I am however a stepmother and my step son lives with us. He's involved with Marching Band and Track and this year he hopes to make the basketball team. (As if we need one more activity.) So I guess that makes me a marching band/track/basketball stepmom but really that's too long to say so I'll stick with "soccer mom". As for the not-so-average part, well I ride a Harley, listen to modern rock music (Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, etc.) and I text almost as well as any teenager out there.

You'll find that I have many interests and they vary depending on my mood. Sometimes I yearn to be domestic...baking, cooking and attempting with every breathe in my body to grow a damn tomato. Other times, I want to let loose, party and listen to my rock music at levels your grandmother would cringe at.

Speaking of grandmothers....oh no, wait that's for a different post and I have work to do!

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