Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Stuff

This weekend we had the privilege of going to an All District concert to watch my SS perform. He auditioned in December and made 1st Chair Symphonic Band, which is as good as you can get. (Our school had 5 students that performed but SS was the only one that made 1st Chair! They will all be featured in tomorrow's paper. BTW, he's the one at the end and his bff is in the middle.)

This is the fourth year in a row that's he has made All District, starting at 4th Chair Concert Band and then moving his way up a little each year. Of course we were very proud of him and excited for him because now he will get the opportunity to audition for All State.

SS plays the baritone for concert/symphonic band, the trombone for jazz band and the sousaphone in marching band. Even though I insist on singing at the top of my lungs in the car, he didn't get his musical gifts from me. Shocking I know.

Actually I can't figure out which family member he may have gotten this from but I'm glad he's got it because he's made it his own thing.

In other good news, I checked my email this morning only to find out that I had won TWO different contests! Un-be-lieve-able.

First one I got was from the infamous Bakerella saying that I won a Bake L♥ve tee and a year subscription to Taste of Home. If you haven't visited her site you must, you must, you must. Her goodies are to die for...but so cute you don't know if it's edible.

Plus now she's got my crazy profile picture up as the winner so that's reason enough to visit.

Then I got one from Tricia @ Once A Month Mom telling me I won a certificate for a free mini-dessert at Carrabba's. Mmmmmmmm I heart Carrabba's. And desserts. And Once A Month Mom for giving me free dessert.

And my sweetie left this comment about yesterday's post:

"Hey if we do Valentines day nite why cant I play a football tournment early games be home by 3 pm and ready to go by 4 pm. We have valentines day everyday. You are the most perfect gal for me. I dont need one day I have 365 days of you."

~heart melting~

So tell me what GOOD STUFF has happened to you recently.


Tricia@onceamonthmom.com said...

That's awesome! I have yet to win a giveaway - funny (and exciting) that you won two in one weekend! Maybe your good luck will rub off on me - I am off to enter giveaways :)

Denise said...

Well, congrats to your SS and congrats to YOU!

My oldest son Trace played trombone in his high school band. He was pretty good but he would have been better had he actually PRACTICED. Oh well, he had fun which was the important thing. If you knew him now at 21, he doesn't seem like a "band geek." But who does, huh?

You won TWO contests? Have you got some lucky charm there? You might have to send it my way. But those contests don't really show you how lucky you are-- that comment does. You're a very lucky wife!

Too Many Hats said...

Brandy taught me how to draw a line through words on my blog - YAY!!! I have wanted to know how to do that for quite some time - Thanks!!! Yes, the little things really make a difference.

Aleta said...

Congrats on winning two giveaways! Woo Hoo!!! And what a beautiful thing that your man wrote to you. If that isn't the perfect way to respond to Valentine's Day, I don't know what is. Kudos to him and to you!

Kori said...

Ok first you're honey is such a sweetie.

Now good stuff... hmmm... I won that totally rockin' camera package.

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! Congrats on the win!

I think it's funny he's trying to get out of missing football...

Come visit me at www.aduckinherpond.com.

Lula! said...

You deserve to win stuff every day. You do.

What good stuff has happened to me? Hmmmmmm...I got 2 new books in the mail today.

I'm wearing a t-shirt that reads "Mommy Needs A Cocktail" that my sister-in-law gave me,

There is no snow.

I have Peanut M&Ms.

Life is good.

Jennifer said...

congrats on all your winnings!! :)

woo hoo for YOU!! :)

xoxoxo hugs

The Royal Family said...

HA good stuff. I guess I can say I didn't DIE yesterday. I seriously thought I was on my deathbed. :( Besides having morning sickness I have the flu, and my daughter has teeth coming in and wanted to climb and cuddle on my hurting body. My whiney husband stayed home because he is the reason I have the flu he passed it to me, and I just couldn't do anything. I didn't eat a thing. :( So I guess truely I didn't die.
I am SO jealous of your wins. I love love love Bakerella... I wish I could make the stuff she makes, it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

FYI I used to get taste of home mag cause someone bought it for me as a gift and I LOVED it! And you will too since you're a baker.