Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guest Blog from S...finally!

She asked me to do a guest blog, which I think is crazy. But for all of you that know B, it's better to go ahead and do it or she will not stop whining. So here it goes. I don't know what to blog about, but I read hers everyday so I will give it a try.

She has an addictive personality. Whatever she does, B gives it 150%. She can't go a day without blogging or even thinking about it. (LOL! I read it everyday so I must be addicted too. That really is the first thing I do when I get home from work.) We can't even go on vacation without her bringing the computer with us. She says it is for work but she wants to blog.

If you think blogging is the only thing. OMG let's talk about coupons and CVS. Sunday rolls around, B pulls out the coupons and ads and smoke actually starts coming from her ears. You can really see the wheels turning. She goes to Kroger or Food Lion everyday. It's unbelievable how much money she saves.

If I'm not mistaken she keeps up with it. Ever want to know? Just ask. I'm sure she will tell you.

CVS. B has to be the CVS Queen. She will go there and actually get like $50 worth of stuff for .11. We actually bought Christmas presents there. (I have to admit she impresses me with that. That is a secret. Don't let her know that. (: ) She doesn't like for me to go with her because I cost her money. But really whatever she sets her mind to B succeeds.

Before I end this I have to comment on a discussion me & B had the other night. See I am 36 years old. We have been together for 12 years. So that means she has been with me 1/3 of my life.

I am stubborn, hard headed, I like things one way. B is a very strong willed, kind hearted woman. Who is actually my soul mate. She understands who I am, and knows how to deal with me. And actually she can help change my mind when I am wrong.

Because I really didn't want to write this. But because I love her I did. Hope it doesn't sound stupid. Maybe, just maybe I will get lucky for it. :)

(All this stems from TMM's idea to have our significant others write a blog for us. My Sis did it on Tuesday, and S decided his life would be easier if he just did it too. I really appreciate him taking the time to write it all out. I love you honey! You did a great job...although I do NOT go to FL or Kroger everyday, but pretty much everything else is true. Including the last part. Bowchicawowow)

See he really did write it all out...even the smilies!


April said...

YEA!! He wrote it. And i mean literally wrote it. Good job on your first blog post. I loves it!

Nicole said...

Great post! Just stopping by from TMM. Have a wonderful day ;)

Carrie said...

I think you might just get lucky Mr. Brandy!! " ) That might even deserve [insert lewd sexual act here]!! haha

Great job S! Now it's time for you to start your own blog. Because you know you want to!

blognut said...

Stopping by from SITS - this is sweet. You got a good guy!

Preston said...

What a great guy, smilies and all. And he even hand wrote it out for you.

A side note about your blog, I had a real hard time finding where to click to leave a comment because the purple colored font is way too dark against the dark background. It's just a suggestion but you might want to choose a lighter or brighter color.

Kat said...

I love that he wrote it. Even if it was under duress. But wrote it. Not typed it. So very sweet!

~Trish~ said...

Yay love this post!!

Too Many Hats said...

What a great guy to be your guest blogger. Now, you better treat him right tonight :)

Denise said...

Ahhhh, that is so sweet. I think S deserves to get lucky. I wish I could get lucky... Oh? Did I just write that???

Star Forbis said...

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
Come back anytime.

Candice said...



Shannon said...

LOL at the "Bowchicawowow"!

Very sweet. I couldn't even get my husband to do a guest post for my birthday. Oh, well... there's always the next one!

Birthday, I mean... not husband.

Anonymous said...

I realize I'm a few days late but I did finally make it! Good job S. You totally should have gotten lucky for that post. If you haven't yet tell her I said it's time to pay up or shut up! She likes it when I'm rough with her like that...

Sweet Mama Jones said...

You know the hubs loves you when he agree's to guest post! Um, except mine hasn't. I don't think he would know how. But what if he does and isn't telling me? Would that mean he doesn't love me anymore? I have to go call my therpist now. Again.

haha, all goood. ;)
SITS rawks!