Monday, January 19, 2009

Words you never want to hear...

Last week I went for my yearly physical...6 months late. Truthfully I only scheduled it because that little scare I had a few weeks ago. I already know what to expect when I go.

Even though I really like my doctor (she's actually an LPN) she doesn't sugar coat things. She's very straight forward and I knew that weight would be the topic of the day. First peeing in a cup...always a favorite activity of mine...then I went in to get weighed. Ugh.

After the usual irritations - temperature, blood pressure, updating my information - she got down to business. We had a long talk about losing weight, getting healthy and what it means if I don't. She was very understanding and nice about the situation but she said that dreaded word...obese.

I'm not proud of that but I put it all out here because I need to be held accountable. I need to take better care of myself. I need some motivation.

I've never been a small person, just ask my Lil Sis. But in the past 12 years of marriage my weight has grown with my happiness and my husband, God love him, he loves me all the same. I can't think of one time he ever made me feel less than beautiful.

This however is not about being vain. It's about being healthy. I got my lab results yesterday and they show I'm pre-diabetic, my cholesterol is high and my CRP is elevated. She recommends taking a baby aspirin everyday for the CRP in addition to losing weight and exercising. She also recommended reading You On A Diet or doing Weight Watchers.

On Friday I started drinking more water. I've averaged 2-4 servings a day which is 2-4 more servings than I was drinking. That's my first baby step. My second baby step was to look at what I'm eating and how much I'm eating. I've been practicing portion control this weekend and making smarter choices.

Once I get that out of the way then I will focus on exercising because I know that will the hardest for me to do. I know I need to do it but being motivated to do it is a whole different thing.

Three days into this I'm okay but I've got a long way to go.


Lea said...

Good luck on your portion control and when you start excersising! That is the hardest part and takes a lot of discipline to do it! I was never a heavy kid or even as an adult, till after I had my 3rd child and went on antidepressants which caused my metabolism to slow down and before I knew it, I too was "obese".

Thankfully, I am on medicare and because the doctor said I was obese and at danger of having a heart attack (it runs in the family of both sides of mine, heart problems)Medicare paid for the majority of surgery. In Sept I had the lap band procedure and have so far lost about 50 pounds. My next goal is another 50 by March and than that last 40 before my first year is up.

You might want to look into the surgery. It's a last ditch effort to get healthy again, at least it was for me and I know if I had started excersising right away I'd have lost more weight! I'm just not that disciplined yet!

Good luck!

April said...

Good luck with it all.

Jayme said...

you know I understand all can do it AND you can do it all on your own with a little motivation and some determination. Portion control, discipline. You can do it!

Carrie said...

Ugh, that word sucks...

You can do it! I know you can and you know I'm always here to be your Weight Watchers buddy!

By the way, you can get a 1 week free trial of their online program by going here.

Both my husband and I are doing really well on it! He's lost 47 lbs and I'm at 19 lbs. This is just in two months!

I highly recommend you do the free trial and see what you think. Let me know if you have any Q's!!

Candice said...

I'm glad you have a health care professional that doesn't sugar coat things. People tend to hate that, but it's all in your best interest.

As far as the physical activity, start slow. Just make yourself do something at least 10 minutes a day. That coupled with your healthier eating and smaller portion sizes, you will find that you feel better. I think that increase in energy and stamina will make you want "more" and it will all fall into place.

The good thing is that what you've got going on health wise is totally under your control at this point. You're lucky for that. So take control before it's too late. I take care of patients all the time that have waited too long and it's really a shame.

You can do it!

Shannon said...

Baby steps is the way to do it!

I need to work on portion control, too... and drinking less Coke and more water.

Veggie Mom said...

With you totally on this one. I kicked off the New Year in the same fashion...facing the "weight" thing, and trying to exercise more. Good luck to you!

Samey said...

Does that mean you won't be making as many tasty treats?! =[

I'm kidding. You can do it. You have always been able to do whatever you really set your mind to... especially when you really wanted it.

Lula! said...

Baby, steps...that's what it takes. I'm taking 'em with ya, girl.

And we're still fabulous, just so you know.

Kat said...

Ugh. I have been procrastinating that dreaded physical for years. I so need to do it. And actually start those baby steps.

Mary Lutz said...

Hey Brandy! I just wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for the Cool and Fabulous double blog award! Go to my blog for all the details!!!!

Denise said...

Oh girl, you CAN do it! You know once you get your mind set on something then you DO it. Didn't S say so??? But its hard, I know how hard.

Shoot, I'm 2 sized bigger then I was a year and half ago. I've really started to realize that I eat to fill some holes in my heart. I find myself just eating and I'm not even hungry. Then I feel so bad about my lack of self control, so I eat more because I've already blown it so much what's a little more _____ (fill in the blank) going to do. I need to get control too. I just need some motivation. Right now its that the only thing I fit in are one pair of jeans and sweat pants.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Good luck on that; I'm right there with you!