Monday, January 26, 2009

Snowy Monday

I walked outside this morning to this surprise. So the blogger in me grabbed the camera and ran walked carefully to the backyard so I could share it with you.

Unfortunately they are also calling for quite the ice & snow storm tonight and tomorrow. While I love to see snow, I hate ice with a passion. Hopefully it will stay north of us and just be another time that our weather guy got it all wrong.

As you are enjoying your Monday please say a prayer for my friend Kat and her family.


Denise said...

I read about Kat's husband this morning. How terrible. Do you know if they think he will be okay?

Like your snow. Looks kind of like ours. But in my opinion, if its going to snow SNOW! Non of this wimpy snow stuff.

April said...

We got snow 1 day last year and I wonder if we will get it this year. I doubt it.

Veggie Mom said...

These are some sweet snaps! We're expecting snow tonite, but I'm getting pretty sick of it these days. Ready for spring!

BTW, Uncle Lynn decided to join the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, so we're having an impromptu Pop'rs Giveaway this week!

The Royal Family said...

OMG I have snow if you want to see it, it's over a foot in my backyard RIGHT NOW! your snow looks wimpy.

Too Many Hats said...

Very pretty. We never get snow, but I like seeing the pics :)

Shannon said...

Can you believe the weather we're having??!?!? I swear, Mother Nature is having issues.

Mary Lutz said...

I'll give you ALL snow!!! I got enough to give everyone who's commented so far at least a foot!!! Ha ha!

Yeah, yours is wimpy for sure!

Did I tell you I love your humor?!