Friday, May 8, 2009

Blog Fart FREEBIE Friday

EDIT: Scroll down to see the winner!

Blog Farts – noun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half assed, post.
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You didn't really think I would skip BFF just because of theme week did you?

Hell no! I'm combining them in one fabulous, (and possibly) stanky post.

-I'd really like to have my own theme song...something that plays whenever I walk into a room. Right now I'm digging the chorus from Eminem's We Made You ...You’re a … rock star (baby), Everybody wants you...

{Wait till you are kid free to click the video link; it is Eminem for heaven's sake}

-My hair needs to be colored so bad. I've been too busy/lazy to do it...and I cannot wait until my hair appointment.

-In case you missed my tweets from yesterday - I'm keeping a running list of items I hate. So far I have:
*Weatherman that couldn't predict the past
*Black socks that leave lint on the bottom of your feet
*@no-reply comment email addresses

-That last "hate" really became apparent when there were over a 100 comments that I could not reply to by email from Wednesday. Come on people! I promise not to stalk or spam you. Please for love of all that's holy set up a generic gmail account and allow people to see your email.

-To anyone that did not receive a reply from me-see above. This is an intervention and I can help you.

-So you know that fancy-schmancy camera I keep talking about (Sony alpha DSLR-A300K). When I got it a couple weeks ago the package included the camera w/ basic lens, telescopic lens and an all weather camera bag. (In addition to that I bought a memory card and card reader for my laptop b/c it doesn't use an SD card).

Well, this week it was on sale again BUT it included everything above in the package PLUS an extra battery for $20 LESS. I got screwed right? Wrong. My wonderful hubs went to Best Buy yesterday to buy me the second season of The Tudors and asked about it. He ended up getting the extra battery AND The Tudors for nothing.

Yep, they honored the package items and price this week which resulted in enough left over to get me The Tudors. Originally the movie was meant to be a Mother's Day gift but he was so tickled with himself that he couldn't wait.

-Now that you know what I got, here's what you can get for the FREEBIE section of this post. I'm giving away a brand new, shiny, $10 Subway gift card.

Ooooooooooh! Aahhhhhhhhhhhh!

So maybe it's not that exciting but considering that I've had awful luck getting to the post office lately, I know for a fact that I can have this mailed before Monday.


Because this is a 24 hour giveaway that ends Saturday morning at 9AM EST. And then the winner has 24 hours to answer me or I will pick another name using

Here's how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me what your theme song should be.

Other than that, just make sure that I can contact you through your blog or email; otherwise your entry will be null & void.

Denise & Brandy - It's been a great week and I couldn't have asked for two better partners!

Everyone else - Be sure to visit those two ladies and have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday.

No that is not a's a promise.

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Christina @ Rant-Rave-Roll CONGRATS! Please send me your address in within the next 24 hours!


The Royal Family said...

You are on top of this posting!!! but you'll have to wait a few hours for my post. HEE HEE

My theme song should be:........... drawing a blank........... it's late............... maybe I shouldn't have a theme song, I think it would annoy me if I walked in a room and it started... and it would get stuck in my head... and OH how I love the quiet...

Does this mean I don't qualify for subway?

Cathy said...

Theme song- Is there a song about a mentally, emotionally, physically drained mom that goes through a pass out spell every May.. Yes every May I decide to pass out.

On the camera... do you like it? I love my Sony a300.. it's my baby..

Tammy Howard said...

I think my theme song changes dependent upon - lots of stuff - I think maybe possibly 'American Idiot' is a good fit lyrically and energy-wise, but it's a little angrier than I usually present. Eh - not coming up with anything I like better - I guess I'll keep it.

Sweet Mama Jones said...

I (insert BIG PUFFY HEART) love me some Eminem.

April said...

Have a great weekend! Happy Mama's Day.
Seeins how my crazy ex is about to be released from prison, I would say my theme song is Gunpowder and Lead. I will be at my Moms all weekend but will really try to check my e-mail while I am there.

mommaof4wife2r said...

ok, @no-reply comment email addresses is one of my major pet peeves! i can't do it! drives me crazy...especially when they ask a question that i can't answer!!! grrrr! and i add to the list of things i on the floor that i step on and scream.

ok, my theme song...hard one...but i'm going with old school p!ink...stupid girls! yep. sad, but true!

Lorie said...

My theme you are making us work for this give away aren't you??? I am so at a blank..I want to say the song from Footloose, Dancing in the Sheets, not because I "Dance in the Sheets" alot, but this song just gives me some energy like no other, it's great to blast when I'll stick w/ that.

Lula! said...

I have 2 inches of roots. This situation will be amended around 2 pm today. Yay.

Where's pics? I need to see pics taken with your new camera.

Take a picture of your tv screen...while Charles Brandon is all up on it. Delicious. However, he's not nearly as naked in season 2 as he was in the first season. Darn.

My theme song?
Today it's "Dizzy" by Tommy head is kinda hurting and I feel all out of whack.

But it will change. My theme song is different every day.

Jayme said...

My theme song - totally "Canned Heat" by Jimiroquoi. No matter the mood or gets me dancing and moving every time!

Happy Mother's Day :)

Denise said...

Oh dear, I'm not sure what my theme song is although sometimes I sing Brittany Spears "You drive me Crazy" to my children, which is totally ineffective because they think it's hilarious and just get crazier. If I were to get serious, which I don't do a lot, in the past it would have probably been Linkin Park's Numb. I could so relate to that song.

But you have inspired me! I need a theme song! I'm on a hunt!

Katamommy said...

Hey! I did a BFF post by accident today, awesome! lol I hate the "no reply" e-mail thingie too. ARGH! My theme song would be...hmm...either "Pleasant Valley Sunday" but the Monkees or that "Everything's Coming Up Roses" song from the Gypsy Rose Lee musical. Have a great weekend!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I have a post on my blog about tattoos today. I'm thinking of getting one and I have a million questions. Since I see that you have one (or more?), feel free to pop by and put in your two cents.

A Cheap Chick said...

I completely agree with the no comment email addresses. Why say something if you don't want anybody to know you said something?

I hate that my theme song would be Pink's Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) but it really does fit the song, not sure I love that it fits. :)

Christina said...

I can always count on you for a laugh!

My theme song... "Welcome to the Jungle" By Guns 'N Roses

Jaime said...

Thanks For the laugh! I love your blog.

Theme song...right now I'd have to say Waking up in Vegas, by Katy Perry...I literally lost the condo key and got lost on our recent trip and I can't live it down. not my fault Utah beer is so week I underestimate the power of 6% when I go out of state. :p


What an absolutely fun post! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your doggie Buster sounds sooo adorable!

My theme song?? Oh, goodness I love my music if you could tell on my blog...LOL.. My theme song changes all the time, but currently I LOVE "I lost my heart to a Starship Tropper" by Sarah's so fun and out of this world! lol...

And I like Alesha Dixon's "The Boy Does Nothing" and Bittersweet's "Dirty Laundry"...and Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine"

Anonymous said...

People without e-mail addresses attached to their comments annoy me too, but I think most of them don't realize it's not there. But I know what you want to reply to a comment but have to take an extra few minutes to track their butt down. Fun times.

I have no idea what my theme song would be. I'm going to go with "Proud Mary". :)

Rachael said...

I hate @no-reply too! I like RESPONDING to people!

Kudos to Best Buy, that is awesome.

As for my theme song... hm... I gotta go with a classic - Respect by Aretha Franklin! My life is all about love & respect, and I think if you give it you get it.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Arg to @no-reply email addresses!

As for a theme song...I'm going with Mahna Mahna (a muppets song). It peppy and about absolutely reminds me of me. Besides I could do this little shoulder shimmy everytime they play it when I walk in a room.

PalmettoChik said...

My theme song would have to be BuckCherry's Crazy Bitch! Love it!

Michaela said...

OMG fun song!! I so agree with the no-reply emails... so annoying!
It's 8:45 CST so I missed the giveaway, would have been "Bitch" from Meredith Brooks.

Jones-Keeping Up With Mom said...

You're funny. We can be friends. K bye.

Anonymous said...

Combining stuff = One fab post! Cool idea. I had done that once when my brain had frozen.

My theme song would be "Break Me Shake Me" by Savage Garden. But I can do better. So I am looking :)


Jill said... is the deal... the FIRST song that popped in my head is "You can't always get what you want," by the Rolling Stones...I sing that to my kids on a REGULAR basis!!
I like it!

The Royal Family said... messed up it meant comment#1


Carrie said...

Frickity frack! I missed a Subway give-away? My husband eats so much Subway! It's a good thing his work pays for most of it or we'd be bankrupt!

My theme song--Insane in the membrane. waaaaaa Insane, got no brain...