Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogfart Friday...It's a gas!

Blog Farts – noun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half assed, post.
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*I couldn't start this post without saying that I'm incredibly humbled by all your kinds comments regarding yesterday's post. It goes without saying that it wasn't every one's "cup of tea" so I'm thankful for each one of you that took the time to read it and offer an encouraging word.

*To the lady that unsubscribed - I'm happy that your life is all flowers and hearts, but some of us live in the real world and deal with real life issues. Having said that, you can suck it Janet Faye!

*Ironically Faye is my middle name...and in an ironic twist of fate I share that middle name with my Mother.

*I must remember not go to the ghetto CVS on the first day of the month. Please forgive me because I'm not stereotyping anyone - I'm just stating what I saw. There were a line of people at the bank across the street and then those same people came over and bought alcohol. Now I know why that store carries beer and wine. Sad but true.

*Who does these random people find me on Twitter? Seriously I don't want to follow anyone with the name "3VdQsm". And while I'm talking about Twitter (and who isn't these days?!) can I just say that I think #followfriday is sooooo annoying.

*Oh I have another "suck it" going out to the CVS manager that checked me out today. Dear Sir, I know that I get items dirt cheap from your store, but please pay attention to what I buy before assuming that I'm trying to use two coupons on one item when in fact I bought TWO Neutrogena items and that's why I had TWO coupons. I didn't want to make you feel like a dumb ass this morning, but you forced me. So you can suck it right along with Janet Faye. Thank you & have a great day!

*Can anyone tell that the PMS process has started all over again? Lovely.

*This morning I took the time to sort out my vitamins so that I could bring a week's worth to work. I've started taking them after lunch so I need them here more than I need them at home during the weekdays. Too bad I left them on my dresser. Yeah, I'm a genius that way.

*Carey - I owe you an apology because I still have not mailed your bag to you. The honest truth is that I have gone to TWO different post offices and neither ones of them were open while I was there. I promise that I will get it mailed sometime this year. That is if the post offices in my area will take their heads outta of their asses and realize that being open from 9AM - 4PM is not convenient for those of us that work.

*Rest assurred that my Country Bob goodies will be mailed directly from them so they will be shipped promptly. Unlike the stuff that I have to personally mail. Have you entered yet?

*Even though I haven't sent Carey's stuff to her she still gave me this award. How sweet is that?

and Christina from Rant-Rave-Roll gave me this one earlier in the week:

What can I say? I'm worth it.

Thank you ladies!

Phew! I feel better already. Have a great weekend ya'll!


Shannon said...

Let it out, sister! It's not healthy to hold those (blog)farts in! ;)

I'm a teeny bit behind, so I've missed I think the last 2 posts of yours... still trying to reply and visit back everyone from Wednesday.

Jules said...

Okay-so now I'm a doofus! I wanted to send a snail mail thank you for the socks you sent-but apparently I threw away the package with the return address . . .so

Thank you! I love them-and had to fight Josie for the frog socks (like they were going to fit her!). I also had a hard time convincing her that the toe socks weren't gloves-actually. I'm still not sure I convinced her . . .

have a great weekend!

The Royal Family said...

I have tried to comment 3 times now and blogger has issues :(

Candice said...

"Suck it Janet Faye"


Jaci said...

I feel you on the post office thing. It is a complete pain to park, get in there, wait in line, etc. I loathe the post office.

Christina said...

You totally called out Janet Faye!

And you deserve the Zombie Chickens... Award! :-)

DiPaola Momma said...

(skidding into the blog Cosmo Kramer style)... oh oh Brandy, I found this great chicken place.. the serve.. get this... ZOMBIE Chicken! No I'm serious Brandy, the chickens are zombies.

And I'm not even a stinking Sienfield fan! That's some good comment wubbin' huh?
Sorry I've been MIA for so long, but then again I don't see ME getting a spot in your "The reason why..." section! Phoie on you! Nah I wub ya anyway

Kathy said...

Well, I feel much better. I hope this post helped you as much as it helped me.

Carrie said...

You?? PMS?? Naaaaaaaah...

missy said...

stopping by from SITS to check out your blog!!!!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

So sorry I missed your previous post due to dwelling in my own misery.

I hate it when someone unsubscribes. I worry and worry about what I did to offend. When really, I should just be saying, "suck it"! LOL

Love blog farts.

Divine Mrs D said...

Coming from SITS! Very nice blog. ;) And what could compliment it more than a Zombie Chicken Award?

A Cheap Chick said...

I love, love, love your blog! Congrats on your day SITSta! I just started doing Blog Fart Friday last week myself, I love it but have to gather some half-assed decent thoughts this week. LOL

I can't wait to start reading your blog all the time! I'm putting you in my blogroll!

I'm a non-Harley riding, tattooed, blogging, gymnastics mom & (young) grandma who finds mainstream and not freebies & deals online. Come on over sometime!

Again, congrats to you on your day and to me for finding you through SITS!

Great site!

Jessica said...

stopping by from SITS. I hated having people I have no clue who they are following me so much I deleted my twitter account!

BoufMom9 said...

Coming by from SITS...have to say, I like Blog Fart Fridays!