Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come on over to my water cooler...

Let's chat about American Idol. I may as well because so far this morning that's what everyone is talking about.

The big AI upset. That American "got it wrong". The show is rigged. The conspiracy theories are running amok right now.

And I could care less.

Seriously, I didn't give a darn who won, but I called it early in the season that Adam wouldn't. Some of that was because S was rooting for him and it's always easy to push his buttons, but mainly it the was image that bothered me.

Having seen him you would think he was right up my alley with his black fingernail polish and eye makeup.

Here's my issue - I think the image was contrived. Made up. For show. Not real. Like he jumped into the nearest Hot Topic and got a "glam rock" make over from the cashier.

I couldn't get past that his background is in theater and this was just another character he was playing. He was trying to play America and I wasn't buying it.

Granted the kid could sing. But the faux image turned me off.

I wasn't a regular watcher and often did other things while it was on, but I'm glad that I watched the entire show last night because they had some heavy hitters on there with the contestants.

Like KISS. In full make up and costume performing with who else - the theatrical Adam. And Queen, Black Eyed Peas, Lionel Richie, Keith several others.

My fave though...when Kara DioGuardi (the new judge this season) lays the smack down on "bikini girl". Start watching around 1:35 and watch until 2:37 and you'll see too.

Guess she showed her huh?


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I don't watch AI. And that video may have just confirmed why...Granted I don't know the back story but I found that really disturbing. I'm not a prude but first they seem to be using bikini girl (nice leering from the AI men) and then she gets made fun of by the other singer. Again, I don't know the back story but YUCK!

A Cheap Chick said...

First I have to admit I am an AI fan...shhhh

I think Chris had the cute guy thing going on but I was rooting for Adam. I'm not sure I agree with the character thing but you could be right. I liked that he was different.

Loved it when Kara did the bikini thing!

I can't believe I'm talking AI in "public" I told you....sshhhh....I'm not a dork....ok, I am...

A Cheap Chick said...

Hey! I just awarded you with a blog award. Please stop by and check it out. Congrats!

Shannon said...

I watched very little this season... first time I've not watched the show regularly. I'm kind of over it... and Seacrest is a tool who gets on my last nerve. I guess I've just had enough of him and didn't tune in this season.

That being said, I did read blog posts about AI, and when I read great things about Kris, I even went to YouTube to check out some video of him. I did watch the finale both nights (mainly 'cause there wasn't anything else on) and am glad Kris won. I didn't like Adam at. all.

Shannon said...

Oh, and Bikini Girl vs. Kara was the highlight of the show last night!

The Royal Family said...

Ok. FIRST: I think Danny should have won, I don't watch, unless there is nothing better on... so I didn't even see Danny get voted off :(

SECOND: I LOVE that clip of bikini girl... the look on her face is priceless... and of course I didn't see it myself. Thanks for posting it!


Jaime said...

I Loved the bikini girl thing. And I loved Kiss, and Queen, and all the other biggies last night. I think (and I posted about it too cause I'm a dork like that) That although Adam was an awesome singer, Kris will do better as the Idol. But that's just me.

Carrie said...



I was happy Kris won because, well, you and I discussed Adam already. He can sing, but I'd buy Kris's album.

The best part of the whole night:

Seacrest to Bikini Girl: I'd ask what's new, but I think I can see already."SOOOOO FUNNY! I nearly peed myself!!


Denise said...

I didn't watch AI at all this year. I used to watch all the time but I guess it seems like the same ol' same ol'. However, I did watch some last night and boy can they drag it out!!! All those awards? No wonder I didn't watch. I didn't know who to root for to win but all I ever heard was Adam, Adam and more Adam so I was extremely surprised to see the other guy win. (I didn't even know his name until they announced he won.)

Amy said...

Adam fan here. HE deserved to win, but Kris NEEDED to. Adam will by far outsell Kris when it comes to the real world! We shall see :)

S said...

I predict Adam will out sell Kris in album's produced and sold.

Kat said...

I was surprised...and glad...that Adam didn't win. And you are right...the finale was awesome!

Xazmin said...

Hey Brandy! I haven't been by in FOREVER!!! How are you?

I didn't follow that closely this year. But I was rooting for Chris...because a) he's HOT! and b) I found Adam super annoying and contrived as well.

I thought his voice had a beautiful sound in the lower register, but when he went got so screechy! I think America got it right!

But I've moved on to So You Think You Can Dance!

Have an awesome weekend!

tiffany said...

I didn't tune in this year - and that bikini video - confirms my decision. However, both finalists were yummy to look at I thought :)

(Came by way of SITS)