Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Letter of the day - "L"

Kat posted a fun meme yesterday where you list 10 of your favorite things with a twist. The twist being that it has to begin with a certain letter...her's was "O". The Big "O". How naughty!

I asked her for a letter and she gave me "L"...although the first letter that came up was "Z" she spared me from having to pull my dictionary out. Thank you again Kat!

So last night I sat down and gave it some thought...lots of words came to mind - unfortunately they were things I don't like. Such as Liver & Licorice. Ewww!

After I gagged a little bit, this is what I came up with.

1. Leather - No not whips & chains leather you pervs...but like the smell of Leather in a new car, or when you get a new pair of Leather boots.'s clean and musky.

2. Leonardo - DiCaprio that is. I Lusted after him since I saw him on Growing Pains and he just continues to get yummier by the day.

3. Limes - I cannot drink Corona, my beer of choice without a Lime. Period.

4. Lip Gloss - I always have Lip gloss with me. 24/7. My favorite by a mile is C.O. Bigelow in Bare Mint. It's got a little shine, a little color and packs a mint punch just right for those unplanned garlic moments.
5. Lion King - Both the Broadway show & the movie. Long before I went to NY to see it on Broadway, I would watch the cartoon and sing along to "Hakuna Matata". It means no worries for the rest of your days... I couldn't resist Simba's face.

6. Law & Order - "Duh dun". You know they always play that before the text shows on the screen. Well I know that because I've been watching for years - SVU, Criminal Intent, and even the short-lived Trial by Jury. I love them all. Even though nowadays I only catch the re-runs late night on USA and watch new ones when there isn't anything else on.

7. Libras - Yes, one of my favorite things is people born September 24 - October 23. Okay maybe not everyone but since my middle sis was born on October 9 and Lil J was born on October 8 it's obvious why this sign means a lot to me. BTW both S & I are Pieces.

8. Late Nights - I hate getting up early. I'm a night owl. Nuff said.

9. Love - I love Love, what can I say? Love, Lover, Lust, Lube - wait, how did that get in there? Nice.

10. Lemonade - A nice cold glass of Lemonade. And of course, Kat's Sunshine and Lemonade. And Lulaville, that has nothing to do with Lemonade but I still love her place.

Yeah I know I said 10 but I'm a rule breaker. Besides I couldn't forget this new addition to my hottie list...

11. Lutz - As in Kellan Lutz, aka Emmett Cullen. ~swoon~ He's my new favorite *movie* Cullen. Lord have mercy.

Now pick your jaw off the floor and let me know if you want to play. I'll send you a letter and you can share with the world your favorite hotties things too.


Kat said...

"L"ove it!!

(and Love the inclusion of leather. and Lube. And lust.)

And of course I love that you included me in your list of things you LOVE :-)

Denise said...

Okay, after that last picture my heart's a racing just a bit faster-- let me catch my breath... I thought Emmett was pretty hunky too but that last photo... WHOA BABY!

I'm game! Give me a letter but please be kind! No Q or X please!!!

heathersister said...

Thanks for stopping by my Saucy blog. I Love your L list. Especially Lutz. Ohhhhhh, my.

2TooManyHats said...

Oh my, I need to visit your blog more often - I likey what I see :)

Totally agree that Leonardo has matured very well - mmmmm

Hey my ds was born the same day as Lil J :)

Okay, give me a letter, but be kind.

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Shannon said...

I totally love how everyone is mentioning Twilight in their lists...

Lutz on your list.

Jasper on mine.

Heather listing Forks on her F list.

And I love L&O, too... but its been awhile since I've watched it. I'll catch a rerun every now and then, though.

Great list!

Lynette said...

Yes! I'd like to play. Go ahead, give me a letter. :)

Lula! said...

Team Emmett. All the way, baby. said...

They should have let Kellan keep the look in the bottom photo for his role as Emmett! I think my favorite movie Cullen is Jasper. said...

Oh, and sure...send me a letter to play with :)