Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a giver

Since I'm such a nice person I want to share a couple of giveaways with you all...

First, my pal Kat is having her 3rd Weekend Giveaway. This week she is concentrating on Twilight by giving away the same movie companion book that I won from Lula, and lots of other goodies including chocolate and hawt pictures of Edward/Robert Pattison. ~swoon~

In case you aren't counting we only have THREE days left till the movie premiere.

A Daily Dose of Toni is counting down the days by having a Twilight Extravaganza. That means she is giving away a different Twilight item every day until the 21st. Today is Bella's bracelet and you have to see it to believe it. Simply. Stunning.

And since it's Tuesday that means it's time for another Girls Night Out with Mommy Gossip! Tonight's topic is Giving Back so they will be having a virtual food drive, a live auction and door prizes. So go HERE to RSVP and join us tonight as we chitchat about charity and how you can help this holiday season.

I may be a little late because SS has a concert tonight but I will be there!