Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's been a while since I did a Gratituesday post but I thought it would be appropriate considering Thanksgiving is this week. It always humbles me to actually think of everything I'm thankful for.

I have been blessed to have many great people in my life and to have have lots of nice things, but nothing is more important to me than family. I have a relatively small family, that while not perfect, they have been there for me my entire life at one point or another.

Each day I'm thankful for S and what he's brought to my life, including SS and SD and now Lil J. But before I met him there's always been my Dad, Aunt M, my two sisters and most importantly my Granny.

Granny passed away in January of this year so it will be my first holiday without her here. It will be tough since she was more my Mother than Grandmother, but I still have her in my heart and memories so even though she isn't there I won't be without her.

This year I've been exceptionally blessed to have two precious, adorable, girls added to my family. My first niece was born in May and then we welcomed Lil J in October. I love all my nephews but after 20 years+ of nothing but boys it was a nice surprise to have girls added to our family.

This holiday season I look forward to spending time with all my family and friends and I'm grateful to have so many special people in my life.


Jen said...

Great post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Candice said...

I love this post!

Lump said...

awww this is a beautiful post!! :)

and yep, I've been taking Kung fu for 4 and a half months now.

Shannon said...

Family and friends are truly what make the holidays!

And my oldest is Shane's parents' 1st granddaughter... in fact she was the first female Rogers to be born in over 40 years! Nah, she wasn't spoiled at all!

Lula! said...

I am thankful for you. Seriously. Because you make me happy.

Laura said...

Enjoy your family this Thanksgiving...I pray that as you remember your grandmother you will be filled with joy.

TattooedMinivanMom said...

I'm thankful for Sons of Anarchy...and my family too...yeah...that's it...yeah.