Friday, November 14, 2008

You know you love it

When I talk random!

Before I get too far I need to give a WARNING because I'm PMSing and I tend to be a teensy, weensy bit bitchy during that time.

We have been out every night this week when I just want to be at home snuggled up on the couch watching hours of DVR. Monday & Tuesday I had band booster meetings, Wednesday I went to the high school's talent show and then of course last night was darts. (We won!)

Tonight I will be back at the school getting ready for our annual Craft Show. It's one of our big fundraisers...we sold out of spaces over 2 weeks ago and since it's free admission there is always a ton of people shopping. So tonight we will set up tables and then be back in the morning by 7:15. Have I told you how much I hate getting up early?

It's okay though because I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the last band "thing" until the Christmas parade and then I will get a break until at least January.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I relented and told S that he could be VP next year if he wanted. I know, I know. I've said for months that I was just going to relax and enjoy SS's last year. And I still plan on doing that.

So S if you are reading this (and I know you are!) if you take the job, it's YOUR job, not mine. I've done my duty, paid my dues and I need want to take a back seat. I want you to take a back seat...sit with me at the games and enjoy the fruits of our labor. K? Love you, hugs and kisses!

Speaking of S I think he won the lottery when I wasn't looking. He just bought me a FLIP and then on Tuesday he got me this from Harley Davidson:

He said it was to thank me for everything I do. Awwwwwwwwwwww!

Now onto the bitching segment of this post.

I cannot stand school buses.

There I said it. I get stuck behind this bus every other day and it stops on every FREAKIN' block to pick up kids. High school kids. With all this talk about obese kids, can they not walk ONE block? Instead it stops at each block, sometimes right in front of their house for one. kid. at. a. time.

It drives me nuts and I admit that I curse the bus the entire way down the street.

Speaking of things that drive me crazy - do NOT answer your cell phone during a performance at the talent show. I assume you came to watch the people on the stage but then I think not when you LOUDLY answer your phone while someone is singing. That is why you deserved to be snapped at and I don't feel a bit bad about turning around and saying something to you. IT WAS RUDE. Simply rude that you had the phone on RING to begin with and then to ANSWER it? Over the top.

That wasn't too bad huh?!

Bless you if you are still hanging with me. As a reward I will remind you to go enter Kat's In The Pink weekend giveaway today. And while you are there make sure you jot down this Chicken and Dumplings recipe that was posted especially for ME.

Then pop over to Mommy Gossip - GNO to see the some great holiday recipe posts, most better than mine but that didn't stop them from featuring me again!

Most of all have a great weekend! And leave me some comment love. Lots of comment love. I need it! I am after all a comment whore.


April said...

Man, your one busy woman. And I totally agree with the bus and phone thing.

Lump said...

oh don't get me started on the cell phone ordeal. drives me CRAZY! almost to the point I want to punch someone in the jock!

Kat said...'s just wrong of you to do two posts in one day. I am still not caught up with my reader...and this is not helping. Maybe you could take a week off. :-)

Thanks so much for the shout outs. Both of them!

And the school buses...I so agree. Madalyn's school is at the entrance to our neighborhood. She does ride the bus. It does not come to our door. But...there are no sidewalks, so I think that is why there is bus service...

Carrie said...

I used to hate getting stuck behind the school bus too but mostly because I am always on the edge of being late and I'd sit there and have a hernia waiting for that stupid bus to get going!!

I totally expected more bitching out of you with all that buildup. C'mon, you can be bitchier! I know it!! This is pretty much me everyday. You should SEE me when I'm hot!