Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Countdown...

Let's talk numbers.

First Twilight is only 8 days away!

They are doing a midnight showing here on Thursday/Friday night and I was actually considering it but we are going to take SS and his girlfriend with us so I will have to wait until Friday night.

Thanksgiving is only 13 days away.

I haven't even begun to make my menu yet. There are some dishes that make an appearance every year such as stuffing, green beans (of some kind), potatoes (of some kind) and of course turkey. And ham. Cause we like both.

After Thanksgiving we will put up our trees (we do two) and change out the decorations for Christmas ones. That is once we can all move because after eating. And eating. And eating, it's a little hard to be motivated to put up two freakin' trees. Thankfully, we can eat again after exerting all that energy.

And then there is the biggie. Christmas is only 41 days away.

OMG! I don't even know where to start. I need to make a gift list & budget. Then shop, wrap, decorate, shop, clean, address cards, bake, shop. Did I say shop? I've only picked up a handful of gifts so far...I need to get busy!

Somewhere along the way I will relax and take a moment to enjoy the season. Because more than the gifts I love being with my family, seeing their joy - whether it's from the gifts or the food. I love the lights and sparkle of Christmas decorations. I love the way my house smells when I've been baking.

We always go to my Aunt's house for Christmas Eve. It's become tradition that we play a game before opening the gifts, and each year she buys a new one to try out. Most are "charade-like" and I love to see everyone make a fool of themselves. This year it will be even better because I can record it and share it with all of you!

Christmas morning has moved around during the time we've been married. Some years we went to my sister's to see the kids open gifts, some years we went to my Dads, other years we had the kids so Christmas morning was at our house.

No matter where we start the day we always end up at my Dads. The house fills with family, good eats, gifts and laughter.

To me it's the perfect way to celebrate Christmas.

What kind of traditions do you have? Do you travel or stay at home? What will you be baking this year?


manic mariah said...

Oh, I'm SO excited for Twilight. I'm practically peeing in my pants

Carrie said...

I picked up my reserved copy of Twilight at the library yesterday. Have to see what all the hype is about, I guess.

As far as traditions go, our only true one is eating. Go figure! We do like to go to the Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. It's a pretty big parade with the giant balloons and elaborate floats. I can't wait to take the midget when she gets big enough to know what's going on! We don't go every year, but it's fun to do it every few years.

We live pretty far away from all of my family, but some of the hubby's family are only 6 hours away. This year, we will drive to their house, but last year, they were here. Hubby's Mom and Dad are driving from North Dakota and are SO excited to see the midget! They haven't seen her since June.

I am not much of a baker--too much measuring involved!! But I am hosting a cookie swap on 12/6. Wanna come?? Okay, see you then!

Aleta said...

I haven't read the books for Twilight and I don't know if I should read first and then go see the movie? Help with the decision!!

Ok, Christmas - SO love the season. Greg is the same, he's a little kid with all the decorations. Last year neither of us did much decorating, because we had renovations going on at both of our homes. This year, we were thinking not to decorate because the wedding is Jan 3rd, too close to Christmas AND the wedding ceremony/reception was going to be at our home. When I said, "no decorations because of the wedding" - Greg's face fell like I just told him there was no Santa to a little kid...

But then we changed plans - wedding at my parents' home and Greg said, "NOW we can decorate for Christmas!" Too cute. He already bought these cool lights for the outside! I can't wait!! Really! I love Christmas decorations. We have 2 trees as well and a great Christmas village and all sorts of things for the outside.

My family gets together at my home on Christmas Eve, where I cook a meal (or rather, most likely Greg will cook the turkey and me do the small dishes) and we open gifts afterwards.

Greg's family gets together on Christmas day and they live in the same area, so no traveling for us. It works out perfect!

The Happy Housewife said...

I can't believe T'giving is so close! And then Christmas! I need to get planning!

Sis said...

You forgot that after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, a certain bratty nephew will be turning 5. [: Can you freakin' believe my kid will be 5 years old!?!?

Kat said...

I just found out today that my Thanksgiving gathering will include 14 people. Rather than the 5 I had planned on. I am very excited about it. But I need to figure out a menu. And pronto.

Denise said...

I saw the headline for this post on my blog list and I KNEW it would be about Twilight!!! Have you listened to the sound track? I love it!