Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking ahead... this weekend. No game on Friday night, but Saturday is our first competition of the season...finally! It seems like this year we are off to a late start and we've only got 5 (counting the one we host) for the entire season.

Actually, I like the way he did the schedule this year b/c there is only one weekend where we are tied up for both Friday night and Saturday. Woot! The last two seasons it seemed like every weekend was devoted to nothing but Marching Band.

Darts tonight...and my friends from WV will be in next weekend for homecoming. Woot woot!


Woot for Mexican food!
Woot for XM Radio and Squizz at work!
Woot for funny shirts and questionnaires!
Woot for SD finally turning 18 tomorrow!
Woot for cool nights in the hot tub!
Woot for new tattoos next week!

Okay I'm done wooting for a while. I know that's seriously annoying. Like when I was talking to my sis yesterday. No matter what she said I would go "WHAT???". Try it sometime, it's a regular side buster.

Me: What are you doing?
Sis: Picking DJ up?
Sis: Yeah, from school.
Sis: Why are you saying what?
Me: Is it annoying?
Sis: Yes it is.
Sis: ~sigh~ That makes me want to throw my phone out the window.

Now you have to say it with slight outrage and go high pitched at the end but I assure you this will provide you with at least 40 seconds of fun. Especially if you are 9 years older than your sis and acting like a child. Hysterical.

Well it was to me. But I'm special.

So they say.


TentCamper said...


Sis said...

Considering my phone has well passed it's year old mark, I'm doing good... but if you would have continued the half drunk Fran Drescher or whatever her name is, voice... I would have thrown not only my phone out the window, but continued up the street to good ol' HD to throw your phone out the window!

Veggie Mom said...

I'll give you one extra WOOT!, especially for Mexican food!