Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exhausted but it was worth it...

I'm so glad I finally got through this weekend. I've been whining about it for weeks, but I got through it in one piece.

Since I'm extremely tired from this long weekend and I don't want to give a "play by play" and bore you to death. I leave you with another picture post of my life.


Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech (GO HOKIES!!)

Tailgating is awesome!

Lane Stadium

We had fantastic, FREE seats thanks to a business associate who couldn't go. It also included a parking pass right in front of the stadium. Woot!

SS's Baby Shower

That's me, my aunt and lil' sis holding "Beefy". She's looking at me because we were cracking up! We had tried this shot sooo many times and someone either closed their eyes or was looking the wrong way every time! The color isn't the best on this one but at least we don't look like idiots.

Or maybe we do...

Either way it was a great weekend.


Lula! said...

OK...we may have to break up. 'Cause my husband graduated med school at UVA. We are Wahoos. We hate the Hookies.

Soooooooo sorry!

Actually, my husband pulls for UGA more than UVA, since the Cavaliers aren't known for their football skills! And my Bulldogs are ranked #2...which is very exciting for us!

So maybe we won't have to break-up. VA Tech and UGA never play each should be good!

Carrie said...

Boy am I dumb! It took me forever to figure out it was you following me on Twitter. DER! I now follow you, okay? Okay...

Free tickets to anything are the best! Unless of course, it's John Tesh...Aaaaaaa my ears! My ears! Stop your crazy alien brainwashing John!!

This must have been the baby shower that I left you the "guest post" in your comments about, huh? " ) Looks like it went beautifully! Yaaaay!

TentCamper said...

Great post. The game must have been sooooo fun. Nothing like a great tailgating party!!!!

The Happy Housewife said...

Wow, looks like you had a great weekend! Nothing better than free seats to a game!