Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look what I wore today...

It says "You smell like dookie" on the front & "No really you do though" on the back.

I heart this shirt.

And I heart laying on the couch.

What's the funniest shirt you've ever seen?


devilish southern belle said...

I saw one at Target in the men's section with a bride & groom graphic on the front, and it said "Game Over".

Kat said...

I love t-shirts. My favorite that I own: has a stick figure guy riding a dinosaur and reads above it: Kansas Museum of Science; Below: 6000 years ago man tamed the wild beast. :-)

And...I have you down for the swap. Email me so that I can send you the questionaire to fill out. My email is on my profile page. It might be down for the next 20 minutes or so - I am having some "work" done on my blog - but it'll be back up soon!

Lula! said...

Oh, a shirt that is "offensive" (in a good way, I mean!) both coming and going. Huh-larious.

Last year my husband bought a shirt that we still crack up over, but we have a nutty sense of humor. It's of 2 Frankenstein and Dracula, trick-or-treating...and Dracula's treat bag is bulging, while Frank's is tiny. Underneath it says, "My Sack Is Bigger." Oh...forgot to mention...Dracula's bag is indented in the know...his "sack." Get it?

Told you we are nutty.