Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's just dumb...

Why do people ask for your opinion if they don't really want it? I'll never understand.

My booster vice prez this year has a lot of giddee-up-go-get-em in him, which I love... most times. But there is also something annoying about it because he just comes up with these off the wall ideas and then when I don't jump all over them he becomes defensive.

Creativity is an extent.


We still have bylaws and school regulations that we have to abide by. Not just for our booster group but the good of the band. The last thing we need is to piss school officials off. It's bad enough they don't even supply the funds promised last year, much less what would happen if we get on their bad side.

I hate always have to be the "bad guy" but someone has to delicately explain we can't always do whatever we want and that's my job this year. To be the bearer of bad news. To say we need approval. To remind him that we have bylaws that must be followed.

And to make it worse my band director is the biggest wussy boy there is with no backbone and a fear of confrontation.


It's a good thing I love those kids.

Actually, I think I'll let him do whatever he wants...sell ad space on the band truck, store our equipment in areas that don't belong to us, or tattoo the freaking school mascot on his forehead if that's what he wants.

And then watch the band director squirm when it's time to explain.

Cause that would be good. Very good for me.

I know. I'm evil...I do have on my Wicked shirt today. Doesn't that say it all...


TentCamper said...

You are not the oly one who has on a Wicked shirt today...but you know that!!

I hate when people have stupid ideas and you kind of have to go along with them.

Insane Mama said...

I agree why ask for my advice if you are not going to listen to it!

Lula! said...

You are not just gotta do what you gotta do.

I want a Wicked t-shirt. I already have a Twilight one that was custom made for me, so that rocks...but still...your Wicked one sounds pretty swell.