Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blowing up, boosters & the band

We had our monthly booster meeting last night. For the most part it ran very smooth; we covered everything on the agenda within an hour which is really good for our group. There were about 15 that showed...that's a normal to good turnout for us.

There was one small mishap.

I was going through the printed agenda and we came to a new business item. It was suggested by a parent that we welcome visiting bands by offering them a few minutes to mingle with our band and serve drinks. It has been something other bands have done for us and the kids really enjoyed the free time.

The day after I got her email we were offered an oppurtunity to pick up drinks that were about to go out of date. Score! S and my vice prez picked them up on Monday, having no idea how many or what kinds of soda they were getting because FREE was the key word.

We got 70 cases of pepsi, mountain dew and orange 20 oz. bottles!! Three entire pallets of drinks...way more than we expected. So being that S and VP are thinkers and movers, they quickly decided it was way more drinks then we could ever give out and ended up selling half the cases for $5/each and therefore earning an extra $200 in order to purchase music.

All of this took place within an 18 hour period.

Last night I made that announcement and I let the parents know that we also gave away a few cases to a local car dealer that had generously loaned us an ATV to pull our equipment trailer. All is good right?


One mother in attendance wanted to know why they didn't know about the loaned ATV and why wasn't it written on the agenda. Uh, say what?! I just told you. And it wasn't written on the agenda because it's not really a discussion item. I wanted to acknowledge the business but it's not really something to talk about.

The meeting continued and ended where we split up into groups, with parents discussing different items or waiting to talk with me or the band director. I noticed the same parent was talking with the band director and seemed all out of sorts about something. Then I noticed she had moved over to S and VP.

When I joined the group I knew the conversation was not good. She wanted to know why everyone wasn't contacted about the drinks and told that we had drinks to sell. She worries that we are "cliqueish" and like her rescue squad group.

I never got a word in. The three of them went back and forth for a couple of minutes and then she stomped off and as she was going out the door, she turned back and said "Oh, and I WON'T be there on Friday."

It was crazy. S and VP tried to explain that it was last minute, that it was a decision made by the executive board who was within their rights to do it, and that it all took place less than 24 hours before everyone did know. She didn't hear any of that. None. All she heard is that we knew and she didn't.

Now, this is a parent who just started showing up for meetings and games. She hasn't volunteered to do anything, but wants to know why she's not involved. Shouldn't that be a question she asks herself?

Not to mention that she handled this all wrong and then showed a lack of maturity by stomping off and threatening not to show for the game Friday.

I'm sorry but there is no way I can consult all 90+ parents about EVERYTHING we do. I try to keep them informed but it's not my responsibility. If you want to be involved then DO IT.


This is just one parent and we have lots of other great parents that aren't nuts. One of the good parents sent me some of the pictures he's taken this season...

Most of the band on the field for our parent show.

S and I trying to block the sun.

S posing with other parents and me gabbing as usual.

The kids in the stands performing.

SS and his big ass sousaphone. At least we can spot him in a crowd.

This Friday is the first game where they will in uniform so I will post pics of that next week. And maybe then everyone will have their Prozac prescriptions filled.


devilish southern belle said...

Wow, sounds like that uptight bitch wasn't even going to listen to reason, no matter what.

Great photos! I love football season :)

Lula! said...

Like you should have to deal with her 'tude and hissy fit. Yeesh. I've so been there. Why do people insist on living as if it's ALL ABOUT THEM?

Love the pictures...