Monday, February 22, 2010

Remembering the good parts.

You would think after such a lackluster week of posts I would have something spectacular to write about.

Um, not really.

I can tell you that last week I had some pretty good parts even with all my hormone induced bitching.
The teen received his first scholarship. And I say first, because we're hoping for like a million more.
We totally dominated during our dart match, smashing the other team with a 10-1 win. That's pretty hard core even if the other team does suck.
Lil J came to visit me on Friday and she was relatively well behaved. It wasn't till the end when she got tired that she got whiny.

The 5th frame is downright scary looking huh?! At that point she wanted everything I touched including my camera and that just wasn't going to happen.
My coupon class was a complete success. I've actually been invited to speak to two other groups as a compensated speaker. Dolla, dolla, bill ya'll...who couldn't use a few more of those?!
And finally my favorite author Denise Grover Swank has sent me Chapter 17 of her soon-to-be-a-smash-hit book Chosen so I'm off to read!


Too Many Hats said...

Yippee on the scholarship and here's hoping he gets many many more. YAY for your class and future paid bookings - that is so cool to get paid for talking about something you love to do and of course helping others at the same time.

Jen said...

That's great about the scholarship. There's to many, many more!

Christina said...

You go girl! Nothing like getting paid for doing something you love.

Congrats on the scholarship, here's hoping for many more.

Amy said...

I so wish I had time to read..seems like these days I never get the chance!

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

Ah! Scholarships... probably the only way my children are going to be able to go to college...

Congratulations! :)

Kat said...

I am so glad that your coupon class went well - and to do other groups, compensated...very very nice. Just think about all the coupons you can get now :-)

Aleta said...

Actually, it sounds like you did have some excellent! Congrats on the scholarship! And yes, that last picture, priceless!

Veronica said...

A scholarship, fantastic news!

My toddler was wanting everything and making those exact faces today.

Congrats on the coupon class and the fact that you are going to be compensated. That is awesome. I'm not so good with the couponing stuff...