Thursday, February 25, 2010

"AI" don't know about this...

I told myself I wouldn't do any posts about American Idol cause well everyone does.


I have a few statements that I cannot hold back any longer and I've found that yelling at the TV doesn't satisfy me as much as I thought it would.

First and foremost most of the contestants SUCK!

It's like the AI producers gave these people some kind of crap-juice before they hit the stage. People who I LOVED during Hollywood week are now barely mediocre.

Which might explain the judges acting like they are part of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

"Not enough change."
"Too much change."
"Be more like yourself."
"Be less like yourself."

I'm hoping that the perfect bowl of porridge is coming soon because I simply cannot take it anymore.

And do not get me started on Ellen. I like Ellen, I really do. But not on American Idol. She hasn't said one thing of substance, she's wishy-washy and she repeats herself. It drives me nuts. Nuttier. Whatev.

I never thought I would say this...bring back Paula!

At least she was funny. Ellen, the "funny lady" is NOT funny on that panel. That is a fact.

Then you have Simon who looks B-O-R-E-D. Beyond bored. Aggravated & bored. Maybe he should have left with Paula.

The one highlight of the last two nights was that I recognized one of the contestants from the movie "Meet the Fockers":

Hey I want to give credit where credit is due and Jose did a FABULOUS job in that movie. Baaaahhhaaaaaa!


Double Wide Mom said...

I don't watch AI (am I the only one?!!) but I love your blog! Its quite colorful and blingy and you're definitely not the average soccer mom and that ROCKS!

Kat said...

I was saying (errr...yelling) the exact same things last night. Even last week when they were revealing the top 24...I was thinking the whole time "are you freakin' crazy? Really?" They for the most part suck this year.

Not one performer from either night got consistent accolades. Not one wowed me. And who picks those songs??

If next week is anything like this one...I will not be tuning in. (ha. a pun!)

Too Many Hats said...

I don't watch AI, but Ellen guested on So You Thikn You Can Dance last season - only one show - and she added nothing. She was being all nice about everything and her comments were not helpful.

Jayme said...

Ellen did say 1 thing that was good....she said to one of the girls:
if this was a song in the middle if your album...then it would work...but right now, I need your best hits off that album.
At least she showed them that can sing that and sing it good...but in this type of need something bigger!

Amy said...

I agree! Alll of the women suck, but I have to say I like Casey James..the blonde that Kara loved, well I love him too! :)

Ellen...yeah I agree with ya there!

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

American Idol? What's that? (Just kidding, I know what it is, just have ZERO interest)... I am not really into reality TV... I need someone to fabricate a life to distract me. I have enough reality with my life... :)

Christina said...

I lost interest in AI a wile ago. It slowly gone downhill. You're not the only one who think it really sucks this season from what I hear.

The Royal Family said...

I LOVE ELLEN but agreed not on this show :(

there are a few people I like but just like...
its getting old...

too much for me...

i'm watch when nothing else is on... which isn't often plus i gotta blog like 45 places and make bows and watch kiddos and lets not forget clean... remember your sock pile, I got my own now. I blame you!