Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's play 'bad news/good news'

Good news: Waking up to this

Bad news: Realizing it's Monday.

Good news: Getting a new Droid Eris with all the bells & whistles.*

Bad news: Had to get a new phone because my other one went kaput on Friday for no apparent reason

Good news: The teen auditioned for All State this weekend and placed 10th overall.

Bad news: They only take the top 8.

Good news: We sold one of our cars.

Bad news: We bought a used F-350.**

Good news: My birthday is next week.

Bad news: I'll be 34. ***

What was your 'Good news/Bad news' from the past week?

*This is no way implies that I know how to USE all the bells & whistles. Cause I don't.

**Not bad exactly but I'm just wondering how many cars a 3 person family needs.



Heather said...

Only 34? That's nothing. At least you're still on the uphill side of 30...

(I'll be 37 this year. Try that one on for size).

Love the new phone.

Too bad about State, but great to place in the top 10.

blueviolet said...

Well, me thinks you always have a back up car if you guys have a breakdown? You're gonna be 34 and you're still full of life (as shown in your photo here.) :)

CaraBee said...

Good news: We got a fab new big screen lcd tv.

Bad news: We had to buy it because the old one (ha, it's THREE years old) died.

Kat said...

Good news: we have delivered all 200something girl scout cookies.

Bad news: I have eaten all of my boxes.

(And 34 is so not a big deal. I am looking at the big 4-0 in July. I am already in panick mode. Hence the missing girl scout cookies.)

Aleta said...

Awww, 34 is young!!! ENJOY IT! :)

And happy birthday :)

mep said...

Good news: My birthday is this month--hooray!

Bad news: I will be 35.

Also, ditto what Kat said on the Girl Scout cookies, except that I didn't deliver any, just managed to eat an entire box in less than 24 hours.

Good/Bad News: still 4 boxes left!

Living It, Loving It said...

Thirty-four is still okay, wait till mid-life hits you. For me, 35 will be this year. I have no good or bad news either - so it's a win-win.

Donnetta said...

You will quickly love the bells and whistles! My Eris and I are permanently attached together. LOVE.IT!

Double Wide Mom said...

Good News: I stayed curled up on the couch catching up on episodes of LOST this weekend.

Bad News: I was sick as a DOG (no offense to dogs!)

Too Many Hats said...

34! You are so young, so claim it!

The Royal Family said...

Can I post on this tomorrow I want to do good news bad news...

:) sounds fun!