Friday, September 11, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck...

...I'd have no luck at all!

Taking a leap into an expensive project took a lot of thought. We went back & forth because the economy hasn't been great, business hasn't been great and we're not big risk takers when it comes to financials.

After debating the issue for a while we decided this weekend to have a deck built on the back of our house. We made the arrangements with the builder & paid for the materials.

The next day I discovered that one of our toilets was leaking & had been for a little while. Ugh.

That was fixed on Wednesday.

It was that same day I noticed my car making an odd squeaky noise. Then I noticed it was idling a bit harder than usual. Ugh.

I mentioned it to S when it didn't stop so he made arrangements to take it to the shop today and I was going to drive my "old" car to work.

That should be fixed today when a new water pump is installed.

I get into the car this morning and turn the key. Nothing. I try again and it's still not cutting on so I called S at work to give him more bad news. Ugh.

When he gets there he tries charging the battery but that doesn't seem to be the issue. A few more attempts - nothing.

The car has been sitting in the same place for a while so he rolls it down the driveway just to make sure it's getting gas. Eureka!

That did it thank goodness.

I feel sorta like the "grim reaper" of stuff this week. I wouldn't be surprised if S stop taking my calls.

Hell, I don't want to make anymore calls.

In my estimation I'm due for some good luck so I'm headed out to buy a lottery ticket or two.

That is if my car starts.


Kat said...

Two cars and a leak? Well...don't things come in threes? You should be done!

Too Many Hats said...

I'm going to start calling you Shleprock - remember him from the Flintstones he was the one with the cloud that always followed him. Seriously, that totally sucks and I have totally been there, just got our car out of the shop today.

Creepy said...


Hope the new deck works out. Sounds like you could use a new place to drink!

Christina said...

That sucks! I'm sending you some good mojo and happy thoughts. Sound like you could use all the help you can get.

Lorie said...

Hope things get better...I thought I was the only one w/ luck like that???????

Shannon said...

Yes, I'd say your bad luck is over!

WhisperingWriter said...

Man, I really hope things get better for you.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Heh, I hope your car starts, and that you get a winning lotto ticket!

Jody said...

You know your post is so very true.
If you want stuff to go wrong.. start a expensive project.

It works every time UGH

Christina said...

Hey! Where are you? I've been waiting for a peep from you this week. Did I miss something? Did I forget to synchronize our schedules? I hope all is well.

When you get back in the groove... I have an award for you.

S said...

To let everyone know B is very sick this week with some form of the flu she has had it now for 8 days. I am sure as soon as she can she will be right back in the swing of things.

Candice said...

Unforseen expenses suck! I hope you are about done for awhile.

Lula! said...

Bless you. Seriously...
p.s. Did your car start? And why are you never on Twitter anymore?