Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankfully they turned the volume up...

I'm not going to recap American Idol, but I do have a couple things to say.

First you have to understand that I watched both shows on DVR last night so it was only then that I formed opinions about their performances.

After watching them both I have to say

THANK YOU AMERICA for finally getting rid of that non-singing, non-dancing, bird acting Megan!!

That girl sucked! Sorry but there is no sugarcoating it - she sucked. Actually I feel that may be generous because she was worse than sucky.

In fact if you have been trying to remember where you've heard that type of singing before here's your answer...

And the dancing. Oy! It was so bad it reminded me a lot of this famous footwork...

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Plus she didn't even act like it mattered with that "oh well" attitude and the bird flapping.


I know she was easy on the eyes and many of you were in denial about how truly sucky awful she was, so I appreciate you coming to terms with it. Again, THANK YOU America for finally turning up the volume and listening to her.

Now if you could come to terms with Scott leaving I would be truly grateful. Yes, I understand that he's blind, but he's no Stevie Wonder and it's just better that he go on home.

Other than Megan's sucky, sucky, SUCKY performance I just want to say this to Allison...PLEASE give my neighbor's rooster credit for the hair do.

What the hell is that?!

Some sort of punk rock/rooster/modern mullet? I dunno, but I did. not. like. it. at. all.

No doubt the girl can sing, but the hair was atrocious.

Can you tell I'm a little bitchy today?

Well you can chalk that up to a lack of sleep Wednesday night for both S and I. Yes, there's a story to tell here...and Mr. Comment Whore himself has wrote a post about it that will go up tomorrow.

Till then I'm relying on lots of caffeine... and comments so get to writing!


Denise said...

Sometimes it does the soul good to get a rant out of its system! I haven't been watching Idol. I dunno, it just didn't do it for me this year.

The Blonde Duck said...

They featured her on "The Soup" a couple weeks ago and were making fun of some comments she said...

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, crap. I think I like the rooster hair...

Not watching AI - haven't allowed it since the Bo Bice incident of which we never speak (but which I'm starting to think might make for good blog fodder...)

Jayme said...

not sure how she made it this far - she's awful and I thought she was incredibly rude and ungrateful at the end. what is that bird cawwing crap?

Roxane said...

I only watched one episode of AI this season and I was NOT impressed...They need to stop for a few seasons and let some new talent develop... but that's just me!

Christina said...

LOL! Rooster Head!

Now I can't wait to see what S has in store for us.

Kat said...

I may be the only one that liked Megan. I love her quirk. Her swishy dancing. The way she says her o's. However. The last two weeks were absolutely atrocious. And her I don't care attitude...didn't like that one bit.

And I totally agree about Scott. He is skating. And needs to go.

Donnetta said...

AMEN, SISTER!!!!!!! She was awful!!! That ca-caw thing she did 'bout made me reach through the tv and slap her cute little face.

Bitchy here too.

Nancy said...

Well, I watch AI and I kinda thought Megan had the Amy Winehouse thing going on. Gotta love Adam.

Jen said...

crazy night.

Angie's Spot said...

I did a major happy dance when Megan went home. Yippee!! And I totally agree about Scott. It's time. I'm sure he's a lovely person, but his 15 minutes is up.

Carrie said...

I could hear the potential in Megan's voice, but the problem is that she has NO idea what songs she should be singing or how to change up a song to fit her voice.

How many freekin times do they have to give these people examples (Lil Rounds included--who in my opinion has a big voice, but has no artistry whatsoever).

By the way, Lil, this is American Idol, NOT Miss America! The song, the dress, bee-arf!!

At least Scott knows what he should be singing--even if it is smarmy crap.

Megan's arm-waving bird flying thing was just plain stupid. I'm sure it was some dumb inside joke, but still--she looked dumb half the night! Weird eye googles, pageant waving from the chairs, it was all just ridiculous. Yeah, we get that you're "unique" and "quirky," but you don't have to act stupid to get that across.

By the way, I LOVED Allison's dress and hair! It was straight up Rockabilly Betsy Johnson hotness! The only thing that I thought was weird was the white criss-crossy wavey thing up the front of the dress and the white shoes. Other than that--I'd totally wear it! AND I'd look hot in it--in another six months or so...

Xazmin said...

I have missed AI this whole season! But I really love it, and was finally home to watch it last night (I don't have DVR), so I turned it on.

When I saw Megan I was like "ooh, that girl's cute." Then I watched for a while and I thought "ooh, that girl's annoying!

Loved your assessment of the night!!


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

In my opinion, the ONLY way to watch AI is DVR'd. Crikey - I can't stand the interminable commercials. Truthfully, I can't usually stay awake through them.

Glad Megan is gone, although I did kind of like her in the beginning, she started to get on my nerves. And Scott? Yuck. I hope he is gone soon.

My favorite thing to do when I'm watching AI is to look for the eye shadow color of the week. Two weeks in a row it was pink - every female judge and contestant wore it and then this week it was all horrible glitter (and someone please tell Paula she is TOO OLD to pull off that look). It's like their makeup "artist" has one color in their palette per week. And I'm pretty sure they have a bigger budget than that.

Ms Cupcake said...

Good morning!

Checking in from sits. It's FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!!

Have a great weekend.

Zen Cupcake