Friday, April 3, 2009

24 hours of by S

As promised here is S's side of Tuesday night's events and then the rest of his "24 hours of hell"...

Let me start off by saying if you are under 18 and if you have virgin ears please stop reading, I cant be responsible for how you feel after you read this.

Ok, lets start with last night or should I say this morning. Around 12:45 my cell phone starting ringing, I was like what the fuck its late. So I didn’t answer and waited for it to go to voicemail, then it rang again. Fuck. I am asleep.

I check my voice mail to see what it was. It was my office burglar alarm, which means that the wind was up and the over head door was being jared by the wind. So I ignored it, figuring that it wouldn’t happen again.

Boy was I fucking wrong. While I was on the phone checking my voice mail the company called again. The lady was all like the alarm went off and that ohd #5 was triggered the alarm. I was all like the fucking wind, I'm trying to sleep lady. Don’t you know its one am?!

Then she called back and said that there was a forced entry and the police was there. They needed a key holder there to meet them. I said okay give me 20 minutes. By this time I put my phone on silent because I wanted to go back to bed. Hello, it's one in the fucking morning and I am not drunk.

I left to meet the police, not knowing what to expect and put my phone back on ring. The lady (not what I want to call her) called AGAIN. While I was checking my voicemail again. FUCK! She called back, like blowing my damn phone up.

She said the police were leaving and that they found a door unlocked. I was like lady, I am up and would like the police there since I am on my way. I mean hell if it had been forced entry, I would need a police report to give to the corporate office.

When I got there no police. I drove around the building to see if anything was missing or where the forced entry was. Since that is what I was told. While I was doing that an officer showed up. He explained to me that there was NO forced entry. It was just one of the overhead doors were left unlocked. Him and another officer checked it and found nothing missing or messed up.

I said maybe they left it unlocked for a truck driver coming early in the morning or a late delivery. I was covering for the mother fuckers who didn’t want to answer their phones.

See I am number 3 on the call list, and the fucker I was covering for is number 1. So when I was on the way back home I text a co worker and my boss to let them know what happened and that I would be late to work since I was still up handling this bull shit. FUCKING WIND.

I was up late as hell watching tv and listening to B to tell the lady on tv to shut the hell up. I did get a couple of hours sleep. Once I got up and while the coffee was brewing, I called into the office to make sure everything was okay. The people at work thought it was a April Fools joke. I said you give me more credit than I deserve. To get up at 2 am and send you a text message and then stay up the rest of the fucking morning.

I didn't up because I was tired as hell.

Answer your phones, get the door fixed. I'm putting the phone on silent, and if there is a real emergency the house phone will ring.

I really like my job. I do have perks but I need my sleep, and please let B get her sleep because I have to live with her.

Then round two-the track meet from hell.

SS runs track, and we go to support him on anything he does. But WTF?! I go to the other high school this week, and they have a track along the river with a lot of bugs, no lights and no bleachers.

And they charged me $3 to park my truck, and then STAND to watch. Since they had no bleachers and no where for my fat ass to sit. I mean I have been going to track meets for 4 years and this is the only place I have been that I didn’t have a seat on the bleachers, no lights and charged me to get in.

With NO Bleachers.

I told the kid your actually charging me to park my truck, go to the track meet with no bleachers to sit on. Our school doesn't charge for track meets until district and then we have bleachers and lights.

Sorry, if I am a little selfish. I don’t mind paying to get in, if I could sit on some bleachers. I can sit on wet grass anywhere for free. Please if you are going to charge me, give me some Bleachers to sit on.

Guess you can tell I am a little whiney about no bleachers.

And tired.

~End Rant~


Cathy said...

Now didn't that feel good to get it out there...? Great post.. I am a police dispatcher working midnights so I will remember your story the next time I wake up Mr. #3 on the list, and this does happen all the time. #1 and #2 are to busy being #1 and #2 to take care of things. The best is when you wake someone up in the middle of the night and they haven't worked for the company for 3 years..yeah, they are happy campers. I feel like crawling in a hole.

Candice said...

I'm SO going to wash your mouth out with soap. ;)

Tammy Howard said...

No where to sit? Fuckers. :-)

Carrie said...

May I just say--I'm glad I don't live with you two sleep-deprived grumpy eff-ers!! haha!

Christina said...

1st - I worked for a company w/one of those OHD sensors that always went off. You would think someone would fix the damn sensors by now!

2nd - $3 to f'ing park at a scholl function? And then no where to sit! Are you kidding me? Next time tell the kid for $3 he better assume the "crab-walk" position then sit on him!

Roxane said...

a $5 fold up chair from walmart saved my parent's asses (literally!) very many time! Just thought I would suggest it :)