Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calling all shutterbugs!

I need your help! Yesterday I mentioned that our anniversary is this week and S has asked me several times what gift I want.

My answers have varied from "Nothing." to "Just more years with you." but he continues looking for the perfect gift for me.

He's incredibly sweet like that.


Seriously though, I don't really want for anything. Sure I'd like to have my kitchen remodeled, or a deck along the back of the house and maybe some new summer clothes. Hmmmm....maybe I DO want for stuff.

Nah, really these are things that are in the plans anyway but us being us, we'll save up for those big purchases and I have no doubt that I'll get some new clothes (and sandals!) before long.

Anyway, another thing I've been talking about wanting is a nice, new fancy-schmancy camera. We looked at one near Christmas but it makes me cringe to think of spending $500+ on a camera.

You know I'm frugal.

S found a package deal in the Best Buy ad this week for a Sony A300K D-SLR with 18-70mm Lens, Sony 75-300mm telephoto lens and a Lowepro all-weather DSLR bag. While the price still seems high to me, it also seems like a good starter package because I get two lenses and a bag.

Here's the issue:

I have no freakin' clue what I'm looking at.


This is where you shutterbugs come in. I need help deciding!

I don't want to buy something in this price range that I won't like, or can't use. I plan on googling to see if I can find some reviews but I'd like to get your opinions too.

S says I'm worth it, but is this camera worth it too?


Lula! said...

I have no freakin' clue, either. Scott bought my camera for me--it's a no-frills Sony. And it's pink. That's about all that matters to me.

he did just buy a new whoop-de-do camera--it's a Sony, too, and looks very similar to what you have shown on here. I will say that it takes way better pictures than my lil' Pink camera.

Sorry, I'm no help.

Grace said...

First time reader here... I'm trying to remember what link brought me here... So, I'm lazy and don't know enough about you to truly answer. BUT, some things to consider (and excuse me if I should already know these answers... IF I read your blog before right now). I promise I'll be back... but on lunch break at work. Okay... here goes... Do you use a SLR camera right now? What do you take pixs of? Are the lenses autofocus or have an autofocus feature? I found that important for trying to catch the kids... took too long to try to get them in focus on an action shot. What is the F-Stop of the lenses? The higher the f-stop the more light you will need (and thus be more careful about giggles and things becoming out of focus). So, while you get 2 lenses they might not be worth much if the f-stop is high (I just looked at the ad.. the fstop for the 75-300 lens is pretty high... and when you are using the 300mm feature you probably will need to be on a tripod or outdoors... as there will be some inherient shake at that mm and fstop). Personally, if I were getting another SLR camera I would go with a single zoom lens... that incorporates the "50" range... as 50 is normal vision.

All that said... that is a good price for that equipment. Good luck.. .and happy anniversary.

The Emery's said...

I love sony cameras. I just purchased the canon xsi and love it. I went with the canon b/c two other family members have the same camera and I can 'borrow' their lenses. I'm cheap like that :)

The Royal Family said...

Good questions. I agree with a few things Grace says... some cameras have image stabelizing stuff for those fast shots. I am personally a huge fan of Cannon, I have a XTI and LOVE LOVE LOVE it... I don't know what the current price is for the same one I have but I would want you to look into it, I love it so much. Also I want to know what your going to be taking pictures of that you want a fancy shamncy camera for???

Canons are easily figured out... they have manual settings OR automatic settings so you dont have to mess with the f-stop and stuff if your in a hurry... etc. :) Hope you get a good one, I would love a new camera, but just a little point and shoot my SLR is fine but the little one for everyday normal stuff is broken.. :(

Also on the frugal note: I am frugal, but if your going to use a camera as much as I do, its' worth the money to spend!!!!

Sony isnt my fav. brand.

Let us know what reviews say. :)

Shannon said...

I will come back later... after Shane gets home from work, and I can ask him about the camera. I want to say the one we have is a Sony... but don't hold me to it.

Carrie said...

If you plan on learning more about your camera than point and shoot, then I'm sure it would be more than worth it, as SLR's take MUCH better pictures.

However, they are bigger, heavier, and more complicated than a point & shoot. In my opinion, if you aren't going to learn how to use it, you would be wasting your money.

I went through this same debacle a few months ago. I went with a Canon Powershot sx10 is. It has a bigger lens and more capability, but still is a plain old point and shoot. I am learning how to shoot in manual on this camera.

I figured if I stay interested long enough to learn how to use it, then I can justify buying a DSLR.

Kat said...

I have a Canon dslr. I love it. I have used a Canon for over 20 years...they are easy to use without a high learning curve. And I have had NO mechanical problems with mine at all. In fact the lenses that I use on my digital are the ones I used on my manual...and they are ancient. Work perfectly!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I can't help you with the Sony (all my cameras are Canons) but I just wanted to say I'm so excited for you! Hope you love whatever you end up with!

Candice said...

I'm no help in this area. I have no idea how to use my little Canon digital camera that I've been using the last 3 yrs. I'm about to figure it out though, because I would love to be able to take cool pictures as a new hobby.

I agree that if you aren't going to read the manual and learn how to use all of the features, then buying a fancy camera isn't really worth it.

Xazmin said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. I don't know a lot (okay NOTHING) about cameras. Mine's not cheap-o but definitely not fancy-schmancy.

I don know that usually these higher end cameras will come with some free photography classes, and instruction on using your new camera.

You should definitely ask about that.

Denise said...

I, personally, am no help to you at all. I'm lucky to remember who made my camera let alone all the fancy schmancy stuff. (although I'd like to learn in all my spare time.) BUT because I have a secret desire to learn, I know about a blog and forum for some moms who are into photography. Go to this link and ask them. I'm sure they'll be able to tell you.


Cathy said...

I have that exact camera and lens (both)...love it. The nikon and canon just didn't feel right in my hand.. I didn't know a thing about dslr and I figured this one out... I love it.

Cathy said...

I forgot something.. the Sony has a live view which the last time I checked the same level canon and nikon did not have the live view.. live view is where you can look through the big screen on the back and not have to use the view finder. I use both depending on the lights. The stablization is in the body not the lens..canon and nikon are in their lens. If you look at my pics/motocross, I did not use a tripod on any of them. Sure I still have a lot to learn but I love my Sony aka Baby....

DiPaola Momma said...

Saddly I'm even MORE clueless than you... or I was BEFORE I read all these great comments! I think I'm going camera shopping!

On a groveling note... sorry I've been a bad comment buddy lately, no excuses.. I suck!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I love my digital SLR! We bought it the weekend of my due date from my oldest (4 years ago) and have never looked back. Though I do have to mention that before that I was using a film SLR not a point and shoot.

I'm not familiar with that particular camera because we are a Pentax family (the first SLR that my dad ever owned).

I would recommend seeing the camera in person and getting a feel for the grip. I have tiny hands and I physically couldn't hold some of the cameras comfortably.

So go to your local camera store and talk to the salespeople and hold the cameras. Then once you you find what you like, price them online.

And going with a starter kit is usually a good idea economically.

Angie's Spot said...

I know I'm weighing in late here, but if you haven't already, I would say go for this deal. My DSLR is a Nikon and I love it A LOT, but every other camera I own are Sony's. And they rock. My Nikon cost a fortune and I'm about to upgrade lenses, so I'll probably never own a Sony DSLR, but I would bet that if you get this camera package, you'll be very happy. (And I'll be very jealous. LOL!)