Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few random thoughts...

I saw a special about Cheerwine the other night and I cannot stop thinking about it. *Checking to see if they carry it locally.


I know that people grieve in different ways but this is just too much. I was sitting in Zaxby's drive thru picking up my healthy lunch. There was a van in front of me that had writing on the windows like this...

Except it said RIP Nephew & I'll never 4 get.

I'm not sure what was more tacky...the van or the fact that I was trying to get my camera out before the light changed.


I have been at Kat's page a dozen times between yesterday and today to hear Popular from Wicked. To avoid being called a stalker I've found a version on you tube that I'm posting for MY your viewing pleasure.

If you have a chance to see this Broadway show - DO IT! It's amazing...and worth every cent.


My sis won tickets to see Seether and Staind next Tuesday. She has generously offered them to me if she cannot go...I'm the back up plan.

But...I have a booster meeting. Skip or not? I'm leaning towards SKIP! I'm so bad.


My tattoo appointment has been moved to October 21st...

It seems like I'll never get it. :[


Last but not least...

PMS sucks. The end.


Carrie said...

The van....WTF? People are weird.

Veggie Mom said...

Great round-up. Are you sure about that tatoo? Sounds like it might hurt!

Sis said...

They do sale cheerywine, at I believe Kroger, but don't hold that against me. It's either Foodlion or Kroger, by 2 liters or cans.

Also, to the above posting... that will be 2 Apple Cider Cakes thanks! One for me having Joey since you didn't bring me to the hospital and one for Chritmas lol

Anonymous said...

Your are the best

devilish southern belle said...

Yes, skip it! If I felt a little bad about it, I'd only show up for, say...Seether (not a Staind fan, sorry). But yeah, go have some fun! I am going to see Danzig this weekend, so I will be skipping a Saturday Derby practice for it if we have one.

People here have those window clings on their back windshields that say "In Loving Memory" and the person's name and death dates. But I've never seen anything written in window paint or whatever like that.