Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello lovah.

Yes that's right I have a new lover.

It doesn't take much to turn him on.

He keeps me warm on those cold nights.

Makes me feel all toasty inside.

There were some chilly moments in the past, but we've worked through them.

And now he's got my temperature rising.

Ain't he cute?


~Trish~ said...

I love your new knight in shining armour LOL

Aleta said...

LMAO - too funny! We don't need those in New Orleans. Our lovers are the AC and cuddling under the sheets. Cute post!

Katie said...

haha you're too funny! I love him too. ;)

Kori said...

At first I was sooo thinking electric blanket. Until the picture of course. And yes he is some kind of good-looking.

Sis said...

Well, at least you won't have to replace it's batteries... how many C batteries would that take to give someone that much pleasure?? LOL

Veggie Mom said...

He's a Keeper, I'd say! BTW, don't forget that we're starting a Great New Pop'rs Halloween Giveaway at my place today...22 different, fun prizes. Even Previous Winners like you can enter, too...Come play, today!

Lula! said...

Dude...I totally thought it was going to be Edward!


Anonymous said...

What's his name? or is it her?

Carrie said...

What the frick is he doing at your place?? I can't believe he's cheating on me! Girl, I'm going to have to take my earrings off!