Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Later today...

I will FINALLY get my new tattoo.

I've been waiting since April to get this and while it will be worth the wait, I'm anxious. My step-brother-in-law is a tattoo artist and he owns his own shop with his brother, but he also works full time elsewhere so getting our schedules together has been difficult.

But he's the only one I would trust so I waited. Patiently. Sorta.

He did this tattoo for S about 6 years ago and it still looks new. Anyone who knows anything about tattoos knows that yellow fades quickly...but it hasn't because Troy is THAT good.

This will be my fifth tattoo...

Let's review.

My first is an ankh on my right boob. Sorry no pic, but it's purple and small, but not great looking after 14 years and frankly I wish I would have gotten it somewhere else. At 32 I find it a little tacky but I'm stuck. If I have it redone then it just brings more attention to it.

The next one was Stevie's name...this is not a great picture and please ignore the shiny whiteness of my thigh. I realize it looks more like chicken skin but it is what it is.

S and I have both have this tattoo on the our right calves. It's our oriental birth sign and it supposed to mean power. I find it ironic that it looks like someone leaning on a cross. Ignore my chicken skin again.

And for you naysayers, S has my name permantly inked on him too.

Last but not least this is a cover-up that Troy did at the same time as S's Harley one. Originally it was a crappy tribal dragon on my left shoulder. He arranged it so there are now two dragons and the oriental sign for Luck in between them. Obviously I'm into symbolism. It's really hard to see in this picture but the dragon eyes are green. Like mine.

And the one today?

Mums the word here. I'm making you wait till it's done.

Go ahead. Give me your best guess.


Kat said...

I want a tattoo. But I cannot think of anything that is that important or symbolic to me to have tattooed on my person. I am so intriguied by what people connect with. Can't wait to see what you get etched...cause I have no clue as to what it might be...

Carrie said...

Boooooo...Not fair to leave us in suspense!!

I TOTALLY think you should get a Hannah Montana tatoo. *snort*

p.s. I tweeted you about portraits.

mommaof4wife2r said...

i feel like i'm living vicariously through you...i'm too big of a weiny to get a tat. i'm anxious to see what this one is. and i have to say that i thought s's tat was urs first and was a little concerned about ur body hair...so, needless to say, i'm so glad it was him and not you. i'd rather have white skin than a hairy body! yikes!

devilish southern belle said...

Yay; can't wait to see it!

Aleta said...

Interesting ~ I once read that a dragon tattoo on a woman represented strength. I wouldn't imagine you would pick any type of frilly or fairy thing for the next tattoo, as it wouldn't go with the other ones. Looking forward to seeing what you get!

Carrie said...

Show us the goods lady! We've been waiting for a whole day now!

p.s. Look at the comments on the tomato preserves post. I explained it all there! I never thought I'd stump so many people!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

I don't have any tattoos... my bro has 2, sis has 4 (I think)... even my mom has one. And she got hers just a few years ago!

Sis said...

Are you keeping it a secret? Geesh!

Even though I've already seen it... bahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm just guessing here and I know I don't know you or anything but I think it's a kickass skull with bat wings and it says seize the day under it somewhere? I don't know...I'm just sayin'.