Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autumn - The season of awesome...

I can think of hundreds of reasons why I love fall. The trees turning colors, all the "spicy" smells like cinnamon and nutmeg, Friday night football games with the band...all these things are reason enough to love this season more than any other.

But I have to confess the real reason why I love this time of the year is because it's cool enough to bake. And I ♥ to bake.

I've already made two Pumpkin Cakes with plans to make another this weekend. Leigh Anne of Lulaville posted a recipe for Pumpkin Crisp that I'm dying to make. Among these pumpkin treats I will also be trying my hand at crockpot applesauce and a million different bread recipes. I bought more yeast last night so I would be prepared for my bake-a-thon.

Then there's the 10+ recipes on my sidebar that I still want to try and a few of my own "most requested" recipes that I'm expected to make. Sis, is that one or two apple cider cakes this year?

Not to mention that S brags about my treats so then I'm obligated to make even more for everyone to try. Hey, I'm flattered that people like my goodies, but this chick only has so much time in a day ya' know?!

And don't even get me started on Christmas baking.

No, really don't. I haven't even begun narrowing down my list...and it's a long list.

Speaking of Christmas I found this little diddy while googling something else...

The Night Before Christmas for Moms


devilish southern belle said...

I LOVE to bake, too! Unfortunately, my oven is broken, so I am on the lookout for a thriftstore toaster oven until I can replace it. But I agree....the crisp air, the smells, the baking, the ball games....and HALLOWEEN!

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!! Baking is like a week long event for Xmas. But I loves it still!