Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I did on summer vacation...Part I

We went to the great state of WV

to visit with our pals. D&D are originally from NY (I ♥ NY) but have moved all over.

Last year they left us moved to WV & we had not been up since New Year's so we were overdue for a visit.

We arrived fairly late on Sunday so our first outing wasn't until Monday morning when we got to see their daughter in action.

I'm convinced she's the next Maria Sharapova...

After her match we got slurpees & I insulted the nice West Virginian cashier. Completely unintentional. I swear.

Then we road tripped to Gettysburg PA where we toured the battlefields & other monuments.
(That's the Gettysburg Address in case you're wondering. -->)

It's located on this building, which was actually at the end of our tour. You are used to me being backwards by now right?

You can see acres & acres of battlefield from the top.

And my hubs on the steps...

Before that we were at Devil's Den

Where S climbed up...

...and the kids gave me a heart attack.

Across from Devil's Den is what I refer to as the "pee house"

Remember the "castle" from yesterday's picture?

It might not be a real castle but it's as close as I'm getting...and as a Queen, it was my duty to be photographed in the "castle".

This concludes Part I of my summer vacay...Peace out!


April said...

OK, so how did you insult the cashier? Don't leave us hanging!

Roxane said...

LOL I"m with April all I could concentrate on is "what could she have said to the cashier?!"

Too Many Hats said...

What did you say now? Poor cashier.

Loved your castle - a girls gotta have a dream.

WhisperingWriter said...

Oo we so want to go to Gettysburg someday. Apparently it's haunted. There was actually a ghost video captured at Devil's Den.

*~Dani~* said...

Yes, I too need to know how you insulted the cashier!

I love the pics though. Last time I was in Gettysburg, I was your children's age.

Alicia said...

nice pics!! i love the america's next top model!!! lol

CaraBee said...

Is the new visitor's center open at Gettysburg yet? Or did you go through the OLD animatronics-laden one? Either way, it's a pretty amazing place to visit. Sobering.

mommaof4wife2r said...

now that's some stuff on summer vacation...i'm more of the be lazy and drink drinks with umbrellas kinda girl. you guys get around...awesome!

Kathy said...

What a fun trip. The rocks look like fun from here.
I also want to know what you did to the poor cashier.

Shannon said...

Never been to Gettysburg... but it reminds me of Fort Necessity (in PA... Washington, Revolutionary War, etc)

And yes, you must spill what you said to the 7-11 clerk!