Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Climbing on the soapbox...

Sometimes here at Brandy de la casa I tend to get a little serious when I dig out the soapbox and speak my mind. It's not the norm because this isn't a political blog or a space just to rant, but since it is MY place it tends to happen from time to time.

I can be a little opinionated.

And by "little" I really mean a lot.

The story about the Harvard professor is old news. Or so you would think, but I keep hearing about it & frankly I find it completely ridiculous that anyone, especially the President is wasting his time on this.

Newly released audio tapes show that the neighbor who called 911 never said "black men" as previously reported, which is good for her since I've read that she has received a lot of flack for supposedly saying that.

This morning Jessie Jackson was on the CBS Early Morning show to discuss this event and the new information. He must have said "racially motivated" 3 or 4 times. His interview was right after they played the audio of the 911 call so I have to ask...

What about that call was racially motivated?


Not one thing in that call indicated what race the possible burglar was, so one could access that there was no way for the police officer to know before arriving on the scene. And yet with this factual knowledge Mr. Jackson still referred to the incident as "racially motivated".

Why do people like this add fuel to the fire? Oh yes, it's because it gets them on TV.

It sickens me that the media allow people like this to be an "expert" on a situation that he has no first hand knowledge of. He's no more an expert than I am on the subject. Neither of us were there and the opinions that we have formed are just that - opinions.

Here's my opinion based on the information that I have received:

The neighbor was concerned about a possible break in. So many people "turn the other cheek" these days, I would have been grateful that my neighbor was thoughtful enough to call the police.

The policeman involved was doing his job. He didn't know the professor from Adam and was required to ask for identification. He was obligated to clarify the situation and it was the professor that said the "racially motivated" statements.

It was the professor that overreacted & was subsequently arrested for his behavior. Later the charges were dropped so there is no pending litigation against the professor or the policeman, and yet he could not let it go.

The whole thing is so blown out of proportion that even the President has involved himself. As if he doesn't have more important things to worry about, he is going to meet with the professor & officer to "have a beer" on Thursday.

Give me a break!

How many veterans has the President invited to the White House for a beer? How many sit downs has he had with people that are facing foreclosure?

None that I know of.

Now don't misunderstand me. I'm not so ignorant that I believe that people don't discriminate because of race. They do. Just as people judge others because of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and pretty much any reason that makes one different.

It's unfortunate & sad but it happens.

It just didn't happen in Connecticut, at that house, on that day.


Too Many Hats said...

I could easily join you on that soapbox.

The Royal Family said...

I am way behind I hope you forgive me. I am annoyed about this topic for a whole different reason... well kinda... the same and more other reasons too, but I don't think I want to reveal my thoughts to all your readers, so know that I am bugged!

Roxane said...

Please make a wee bit of room for me on your soapbox?! I could have written this myself. I would have been so glad that my neighbor were as vigilant as his were to protect his belongings. I would have been even more pleased by the policeman doing his job correctly rather than just "letting that one slide".

Amber said...

I didn't know anything about this. I love that I don't watch the news! I can get my updates from you.

I agree with you...especially about the President and his beer offer. Tacky.

April said...

I totally agree with you. To me it is all just sooo f'ng stupid. If the professor had been hispanic or asian or any other race, we would have never even heard of any of it and Obama sure as hell wouldn't be having a beer with them. Is what made me the maddest was when Obama called the cop stupid. That one REALLY got under my skin.

Kat said...

I was in the process of forgetting about this. And then in the paper today there was an article that ticked me off. It was basically saying that even though this cop had NEVER done anything to warrant all the flack he is getting. Even though he actually leads a class about NOT racially profiling. He must still be racist. Most likely an inherent racism that he doesn't realize.

Excuse me...but isn't it possible that the good Harvard Prof is racist? And he is the cause of all this hoopla?? Why hasn't that been brought into this ridiculous dialogue...

mommaof4wife2r said...

is it bad that i don't have a single clue what you are talking about. if you need to know anything about pbskids.org, i can help out....otherwise, i'm useless. now, i have to google what this is about so i can jump on a soapbox. i feel so left out.

Martha said...

I am so over this and the MJ thing. Enough already, don't you folks have real problems!

WhisperingWriter said...

I totally agree with you.

Jesse Jackson has always bugged the mess out of me.

Candice said...

Jessie Jackson is a total douche bag that needs a REAL job.

The whole shebang is just so blown out of proportion it's utterly ridiculous.

CaraBee said...

Sing on, sister! I am just so over this whole thing. That professor should be embarrassed of his behavior, but instead he's a pompous ass and calls it racism. Because no one can do anything to someone of a different race without it being racially motivated. Of course, we're not hearing anything about the family in Ohio that was attacked by a mob of 50 black kids chanting "it's a black world." Didn't hear much about that, didya. They won't even call that a hate crime. But the mfing president gets involved with this jackass professor. It makes me sick. And sad.