Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He says...(Guest post by S)

WTF? I got called out by TMM so she better be the 1st one to comment on this.

I don't know what to blog about or vent. It could be how we have an inexperienced President. No, that's a touchy subject. I wish it were a female. At least then they would be better to look at.

I could vent on how a couple of our "close" friends are 2 faced and inconsiderate m'fers, but that's not cool and I don't want to step on any toes.

Let's talk about birthdays. B got a whole Birthday week, with a different present everyday; she even got to pick which one to open. I got a bag of peanut M&Ms (A BIG BAG!) which is one of my favorites. Plus B is paying for new grips for the Street Glide, which are going to make it a point of putting miles on this year with or without the "friends" riding with us.

I would like to thank all of ya'll who wished me a Happy Birthday this year. The kids are getting older so they came through this year and bought me some candy, which is the sh*t. I think it's called Ferrero Rocher. I know it's round and in gold wrapping. The really great thing about this is that the kids really paid for it.

Who does Jason Statham think he is? Beating up like 19 guys, taking his shirt off doing it and using it as a weapon. And doing it in front of a woman, who is actually licking her lips for him. So realistic. :)

Last time I guest blogged, I wrote about B and how wonderful she is. I don't have to do that this time since you all know she is. Please check out how much money she is saving on her Craving Savings blog. I tell everyone to check it out.

Last but not least when she reads this she will know it's for her.

This was a guest post by my hubs, S, who turned in his assignment several days early this time after being called out by TMM. I swear he really wrote this, even the now infamous smiley face. I may have edited some of the curse words but you still get the point. If you want to see who else is guest blogging today TMM has it linked up HERE.


April said...

I hate to leave a comment before TMM but oh well. That cracked me up on your "I wish it were a female. At least then they would be better to look at." LOL!!!
Good job S in getting it turned in in time, this time. ;)

Jenners said...

Visiting all the guest posts from TMVM...

What a good student...handing in his work early.

And what a tease brining up all this controversial stuff and then shying away.

And does he feel slighted on his birthday? Not enough gifts? I kind of got that impression. But getting a gift from your kids that they used their OWN money to buy ... priceless!

Good job.

Lula! said...

Dear S,

I'll kick your ass, man.

And then I'll sic my boyfriend on you. I lick my lips for him EVERY SINGLE DAY. And don't act like that scene in Transporter 3 wasn't hot as hell...'cause it was. He's so badass. He is SO realistic.

p.s. I'll still kick your ass. And then we'll hang. Good times.

Brandy said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, let's try this again.

FYI Mr.Panties-In-A-Wad, I tried to leave you a comment a couple of hours ago and the page froze.

PLUS, I am on west coast time so I should be allowed a pass being 3 hours behind and everything. I do believe I am your FIRST west coast commenter.

Now enough of this fighting...let's be friends.

Though you did win my heart a little when you flipped me off.

Should you ever be in SoCal you shall have a plethora of bikers to ride with who would never, ever stab anyone in the back, let alone their friends. What kind of bullshit is that?

Denise said...

S, awesome job, of course. I expect nothing less. If you're married to Brandy... well you have to be... fill in your favorite adjective, or adverb. Take your pick. And may I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.

Donnetta said...

Y'all are a PERFECT pair!! Too funny! S - great guest post! Personally, I think Brandy should have not edited so we could get the TRUE S flavor!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Carrie said...

You and I could really burn up the place bitching about el-presidente! Seriously, I could go ALL day long!

Christina said...

I agree... some people are just ment for each other! What a man, and such a nice guest post.

And leave my man Jason alone! He can take his shirt off anytime he wants. I will be happy to lick my lips for him too! :-)(and the Mr knows it!)

Susan said...

Hey, first visit through Tattooed Minivan Mom. And must I say, S sounds like a writing pro! Impressive.

S said...

Lula-Please don't kick my ass or sic your boyfriend on me. (it might ruin his rep, just kiddin) we can hang I know you want another tat2u.

TMM-We can hang also no more fighting my panties are out, fuck it kinda of fun though. Got it out early just for you and of course for B.

S said...

I forgot TMM you are off the hook since you are on the West Coast (cough excuse cough) comment page froze LOL.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Cute idea to have your DH guest post...I'm scared to see what my hubby would say!

Preston said...

Nothing says happy birthday better than a big bag of M&Ms!

Shannon said...

S should definitely do a weekly guest post, LOL!