Monday, March 15, 2010

The good, the bad and the downright awesome

Good News: Finally getting a much-needed pedicure.

Bad News: Having it rain every day after.

Good News: Keeping this cutie on Friday.

Bad News: Because she had a fever.

Good News: James "Survived" another week.

Bad News: He's hurt pretty bad & probably won't make it much longer.

Good News:Getting The. Most. Amazing. birthday gifts.

Bad News: Um, there ain't nuttin' bad about that!

Downright AWESOME:Today is S's birthday! Happy birthday babe! xoxo

What was your 'Good, Bad or downright AWESOME' moment from the past week?

**Is that Barbie cool or what?!


Jen said...

Your toes are awesome and yes, that Barbie is fabulous!

Heather said...

I LOVE that Barbie! (Gabe wants to know if she's remote-controlled?)

Happy belated Birthday!

Love the pedi, too. Isabel would love to have those flowers on her toes.

Good? Took less time than I thought getting the wallpaper border off of Gabe's walls.

Bad? Now it's time to paint. I hate painting.

Awesome? Spring is almost here!

Gabby said...

Yay for birthday presents!

Carrie said...

Happy birthday!

Oooh, jealous of the pedicure, I would LOVE to get one. But no point until the nice weather is here to stay :)

Thanks for visiting my blog today

Double Wide Mom said...

Maybe we should start a good/bad MONDAY game! Love the toes and the cutie!

Christina said...

OMG! They didn't have Barbie's like that when I was little. If they did I might have played with them more.

Happy Birthday S!

CaraBee said...

Harley Barbie? Totally awesome!

Good: Meeting all kinds of great bloggy friends!

Bad: My baby girl being all pukey.

Awesome: Last week's Lost. It. Was. So. Good.

Happy birthday, S!

Shannon said...

Hope S had a good birthday! I'd say by the look of things, yours was fabulous!

And the Barbie? Totally awesome. And I totally LOL'd at Heather's comment about Gabe wanting to know if she was remote-controlled!

WhisperingWriter said...

Awesome Barbie.

Poor James :(

Happy Birthday to S!

Too Many Hats said...

Good news: daughter is in the chorus of a small professional opera production.

Bad news: I have to drive her in rush hour traffic through L.A. - we are talking 90 minutes one way to rehearsals.

Totally awesome: It was my 19th wedding anniversary yesterday!!!

The Royal Family said...

seriously James shouldn't get hurt that often for as big and macho as he is :(