Monday, December 1, 2008

Still on holiday mode...

I've been on what I call "Holiday Mode" since Wednesday evening, as if you couldn't tell from my lack of blogging.

Wednesday night I cooked my bootie off and made as many dishes as I could ahead of time - a pumpkin pie, 2 apple cider cakes, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, and then I chopped everything else I would need for the next day.

Amazingly enough I was finished with all this in time to sit down and watch a movie with S and when that went off I went to CVS. At midnight. I know it sounds crazy but I wasn't the only nut job there. (I will elaborate more in a later post.)

The next morning I got up bright and early stuck my turkey & ham in the oven and then went to another CVS in order to find a few things they were out of the night before. Everything went really smooth and we ended up eating dinner at 1PM just as I planned.

After dinner here we went to my Dad's but since I was still stuffed, I only ate a dessert. Or two. Or maybe I lost count. But hey it's a holiday right?!

With everything going on I totally forgot to bring my camera with me. I managed to get two pictures. One of the food, and one of the real turkeys in my life.

Friday morning we hit the door running at 5AM and shopped till we dropped. Literally. We ended up taking a long ass nap when we got home and eating leftovers for dinner.

I'm on vacation today and tomorrow; which really just means I'm at home doing what I do at work -reading blogs, twittering, and slacking off. Only difference is that I have to make my own breakfast.

Oh you didn't know?
My Stepmom usually makes us breakfast at work. It's one helluva perk.


Kat said...

So how was the shopping? I went out briefly...but was not so impressed with the prices. And the ads just seemed to be teasers to get you in the door. None of those items were actually there. Oh, well...I am not "camping out" to shop!

Carrie said...

Look at that spread! Good job lady!!

And what a cute pic of your turkeys. hehe

Mariah said...

Wow that is a lot of food. Any leftovers??

Sis said...



You forgot to mention how old you feel because bratty nephew #3, turned 5 today.

But what really should have made you feel old, is nephew # 1 becoming an offical teenager in April.

And you'll feel older when Beefy and Lil J turn ONE. Beefy is over half way there.

April said...

I didn't have to battle the crowds. Hubby offered to do it for me. I got lucky on that one.

Anonymous said...

Damn...I want your mom to make me breakfast.

Lump said...

um hello??! I spy deviled eggs. I would have eaten that whole tray.

you did a damn fine cooking job!