Friday, December 5, 2008

In the spirit...

I've had a hard time getting in the spirit this year. It took me 5 days to finish decorating my tree. It's not even that special, just a few ornaments and beads.

Before posting yesterday I literally had the weight of the world on my shoulders but after writing it and reading it, and re-reading it I began to reassess my attitude.

I decided to take my own advice.

I was especially nice to everyone yesterday, even though it took over 2 hours for me to run 30 minutes worth of errands. Even though I was cut off in traffic multiple times. Even though I was charged the wrong price and had to stand in yet another line to receive my refund. Even though our dart hosts weren't very welcoming.

It occurred to me that these people might have the weight of the world on their shoulders. So I gave them a smile and continued on.

Then I got home and had a package at my front door. You know nothing makes me happier than getting something good in the mail. To find something great in a stack of bills puts a smile on my face. It makes me forget all about my electric bill - temporarily. I look forward to checking my mail every day knowing I might have a magazine or free sample waiting on me. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people.

I'd like to share some of that joy with you all. In the form of a Christmas card. If you would like me to send you one please email your address to me at

It's a little Christmas cheer from me to you AND you get to see my messy handwriting. What could be better than that?!

BTW be on the lookout next week for a GIVEAWAY. My very first GIVEAWAY. I'm not saying what it will be, mainly cause I'm still deciding, but hopefully you'll drop in to find out.


Kat said...

I love packages at the front door. And things that are not bills :-)

But you are so right. If you get into the spirit of things. And offer up smiles - especially to those that least expect it - it can really do wonders for YOU.

Jennifer said...

hi there. i found you from Angie's blog... i saw that you commented on her family picture and said you have a boxer too... so do i and we LOVE her... she is the BEST dog! she is great with the kids and just so fun!!

i thought i'd come check out your blog. :) i like it here. :)

i love your tree... it came out really nice. we are getting our tree on Sunday... a family trip with my husbands side of the family.

and i love how you decided to change your mood and be nice to everyone... i think that the next time i'm having a crummy day and feeling grumpy i will try to remember you advice too. :)

and how sweet for you to send x-mas cards out... that will def make someones day!!

have a GREAT day!!


Denise said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today. I think we all are feeling the fear of what's to come with the economy. I know I am. Christmas, real estate taxes, medical bills for the babies (about $3000 in the last 2 months!!! My insurance SUCKS!!!!!) Where's the money going to come from? dunno.... scary times...

But good for you for thinking about others and putting your own frustration aside. You've inspired me to be just a little bit nicer. Even to Build-a-Bear! LOL

Oh, I want a card too! Send it to

Anonymous said...

holy crap! look at that tree! mine is for shame after seeing yours, thanks a lot.

I'm obsessed with the mail, too! it irritates me to death when it doesn't come until late in the afternoon. and how dare they take a holiday from delivering my mail!

Mrs. S said...

Sometimes it's so hard to be nice when people are inconsiderate. It does help when you try really hard to just let things slide off your back (I have a hard time with this).

thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday; I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Lula! said... put me on your card list. I'll put you on mine. We will be card happy. I need it...because it's already the 5th and thus far we've only received 3 Christmas cards. Usually I'm overrun with them, and maybe that will happen as the time gets closer. But 3 cards? Yeesh. I need more.

Maybe I need to mail mine out, too. HA!

Anonymous said...

Free shit! Free shit! Yeah!

Lump said...

woo! I had packages at my front door too. I was so excited! :)

Your mood really does change how your day pans out. So bring on the smiles!

Zen Ventures said...

Isn't it uplifting when you put the positive things on each un-wonderful events? :) Good for you!

Sis said...

Would you rather --

leave dishes in the sink over night


return to kroger on senior day


Veggie Mom said...

We got the outside lights up today, so we're finally getting in the Spirit. When does your giveaway start? I'd LOVE to give you a Shout Out tomorrow!

Shannon said...

Oh, I am one of THOSE people, too. Nothing makes me happier than getting my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly... it's the highlight of my Fridays!!!

And I am sending you an email now...

Veggie Mom said...

I Shouted Out you and your Christmas Spirit over at my place today. 'Tis the Season!

Carla said...

I love your advice! AND what a great time of year to follow it! Kudos to you:)

Snowberry Creek said...

Happy SITS Day. Hard economic times seem to bring out the worst in some people. I'll remember the tip thing, I have heard of it...but never knew of it actually happening to anyone.